Blankos Junction is an unofficial fansite for Blankos Block Party, a social MMO game developed by Mythical Games and Third Kind Games. In October 2020, at the time of Blankos Junction creation, there was no website which compiled the information available from the various official Mythical Games and Blankos social media channels, Reddit and Discord as well as the various interviews. Blankos Junction was created by a passionate fan to fill that void.

Blankos Junction aims to:

1. Bring together a passionate community revolving around Blankos Block Party.

2. Spread awareness of Blankos Block Party and growth of players and collectors.

3. Act as an information hub for players and collectors of Blankos Block Party.

4. Increase awareness of Blockchain technology and NFTs.

The name and logo

Blankos Junction was named after the in-game hub world ‘The Junction’ where players interact. It felt fitting as the aim was ultimately to bring people together. The logo is a silhouette of a typical Blanko to represent everyone and anyone who wants to get involved in Blankos Block Party and was chosen to feel universal and inclusive as it could be your Blanko, your friends Blanko, or a new Blanko yet to come.