Beach Vibes

A fun day at the beach turned into a scene of chaos as pirates invade to pick up the hidden treasure. Meanwhile, a huge shark is alerted by the ship’s cannons and tries to consume you as you try to escape through the top of the lighthouse.

3 lap time trial race with vibe collect
Time: 6:30
Vibes: 150

Gameplay Video

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  • WOW the detail on all the objects in here. I made a treasure chest that looks identical to yours!! I just didn’t end up finishing that level yet haha. Can’t wait to play this and check it out.

  • Love the shark and pirate ship on this race vibe map. I had a good second run with 40 seconds left on the last lap, but I fell off the check point in front of the sharks mouth and was in constant free fall when pressing N. May be position the check point closer to the jaws/teeth or have a mini platform under it for respawns otherwise players have to redo the whole lighthouse? Nonetheless great map and would play again!

    • aha very glad you’ve pointed this out, thanks! I thought it would be cool to have to jump through the checkpoint over the gap but i guess it’s not the best idea for this very reason..I will have to move it back so it’s on the lighthouse, i feel adding a platform may take away a bit of the ‘coolness’ of jumping the gap :). Cheers for the suggestions though, very helpful! And glad you enjoyed!

      • No worries and just played it again! Yep placement is much better, thank you. Yeah I thought it was cool too but ended up stacking it lol. Also I noticed you reduced it to 3 mins and one loop. I actually liked the 3 loop challenge but I’m guessing it’s more for quick play and N.O.O.B friendly?

      • @helix_star yes, exactly. we discussed it briefly on Chavio’s Twitch channel and I decided to change the number of laps too to keep it shorter, at least for now. I still need to figure out how to set the Countdown style race type and so each checkpoint gives you a time bonus, as that’s what I originally wanted to do for this. Time Trial with laps isn’t as fun imo.

        Hope we can play together sometime!

      • Ooo time bonuses, that’s next level and would be cool! I haven’t been playing lately but hope to pick up again in March. See you in the junction then 🙂

  • This map was a lot of fun but got me a bit stressed out for time, I was using a speedster and I barely finished. I don’t think a NOOB would be able to finish it easily, unless of course that was the intention? I love the whole concept of the map, running around the island, jumping up into a lighthouse and through a shark and into a pirate ship, the cannon of the pirate ship is very fitting. The little umbrellas on the beach are cool. Oh, I loved the hidden lava in the water where you have to jump, that was a very nice surprise.

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