Beginner Tips & Tricks – A Blankos Block Party Starter Guide (Superseded)

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As of June 2nd, 2021, the information below is out dated due to the major Patch prior to Early Access.

So you downloaded Blankos Block Party and you’re wondering what do I do? Where to begin? We’ll run you through the basics as well as some tips and tricks to get you started. Note the game is still in Open Beta at the moment so there are some bugs and refinements which are yet to be ironed out. Also note that Mythical Games has stated that a progression reset may occur in the future when the full game launches which will be for balancing. This means that all XP gained, levels, skills, Moola and Moola purchased accessories as well as gig rewards will go to 0 or disappear. All purchases made with Blanko Bucks will remain, however XP and skills for these characters will also be reset.

Marching forward, let’s not stress about progression resets and let’s focus on having fun, here’s our beginner tips and tricks, telling you everything you need to know to get started.

If you’re not much of a reader, Deejus has also made a video guide, here.

Game Settings

First thing you want to do is make sure you game is running smoothly, if your game is not running smoothly, reduce the game quality as required and if it’s still laggy, make sure to reduce the resolution. Press the ESC button on your keyboard to open the main menu, from here you’ll be able to access your settings. If your game is still too laggy on the lowest resolution and quality, then unfortuntely your computer is not good enough to play Blankos Block Party at this time. Note that optimisations may occur in the future which may change this.

The Shelf and your skills

So you talked to Retch, he teaches you to jump and you fell into the Junction, now what? The first thing I would do is go to your shelf and set up your skills, you can set up your sprint and starter blanko sprint on your red N.O.O.B Blanko right off the bat. This will make running around the Junction faster. It is toggled via the shift key. You can return to your shelf later when you have some accessories to customize the look of your Blanko.

Gigs to get rewards

Gigs are in game quests given by NPCs which are located at various areas around the Junction. You can tell if an NPC has a gig for you by looking for a large green beacon coming from the NPC, they will also have ??? above their head. They often give you a reward in the form of an accessory or emote. Here is a list of rewards that you can get from Gigs. Note that we recommend that you get the Pro Backpack first as that will give you a function jetpack that you can use to get around the junction and in Parties that allow the use of Jetpacks. In order to get that Gig, you must complete the Gig from Chauncey at the store, who will tell you to talk to every NPC. Jenny (who is located just above the spawn point) will then let you do her three flying trials, after which you’ll get a Pro Backpack.

Blankos Junction has teamed up with Deejus Games to provide Video Guides for the community. Check them out by clicking here.

Note that all Gig related items may be reset when the full game launches but at least by doing gigs you will get a feel for the game mechanics, explore the Junction and look cooler during Open Beta.

Don’t Worry about Challenges

Challenges are performing certain tasks in the game. Note that at this time, some of the challenges are bugged out and will not register as this is still an Open Beta. We would not bother trying to complete any of things during the Open Beta as they may be reset once the game launches.

Daily Activities – Easy XP & Leveling (Don’t Grind)

Everyday at 12am GMT, the daily achievements reset. These are the best way to earn Moola, XP, and to level up. When you level up, you’ll get more skill points. Levelling is Blanko specific, so you’ll have to level each Blanko individually.

Note that a progression reset for balancing might happen during full game launch so all your Moola, Levels and XP might get reset to 0. We recommend just taking it easy and doing your dailies which will level you up nice and fast and also build up Moola the most efficient way so you can at least rock a Moola Accessory during the Open Beta. Due to potential progression resets, we don’t recommend grinding for moola, unless you are happy to grind again from scratch when the full game launches.

The current level cap is 15. You can do it these daily activities manually (the regular long way), or you can blitz through the dailys by playing maps made to help you complete them like the ‘daily’ party from the party bus (express way).

Also, be sure to check out our guide to find out The Best Way to get XP and Moola

The store, Blankos & Accessories

The store shows items you can buy with either Blanko Bucks or Moola. Blanko Bucks is the currency which uses real money, while Moola is the grind currency that you get from playing the game. I suggest you visit the store to at least see what item you’d like to buy. If you do decide to spend some Blanko Bucks and buy one of the store’s Blankos, make sure you read about the skills/classes here. The N.O.O.B Blanko has skills which are a mix of all 3 classes despite being classed as a ‘Trickster’.

Note that accessories and emotes can only be equipped to one Blanko at a time.

Progression resets will not occur for items bought using Blanko Bucks, only for Moola related items and accessories. Since Moola may reset when the full game launches, spend your Moola on whichever accessory or emote you want when you have enough and enjoy using it during the Open Beta, there is no point saving it up at this time.

Quick Play Portals

You can jump into the Quick Play Portals to play parties. Note that the Quick Play Portals are limited to Parties selected by Mythical Games and will not feature all the parties. Using these portals is a great way to play with other people though. Among the parties are three game modes – Shooting, Racing and Vibe Collect. There are maps which blend aspects of these modes to create a unique experience.

Party Bus – Use it often and look for the tick

This is the core aspect of Blankos, and where you’ll be spending the majority of your time. The Party Bus is used to find and play Specific Parties. We’ve got a great list of Community Build Parties submitted on Blankos Junction, so make sure you have a look, and type in the title for the party you’d like to play into the Party Bus.

Note that most of the parties made are user generated content (with a few created by Mythical Games) so they may all differ quite drasticly in scope, quality and scale. Some might even be broken. To avoid broken or impossible maps we suggest only playing parties with a tick above them. This means that someone else has previously completed the party.

Quick reset to last checkpoint on Races and quick restart on Trials

You can reset to your last checkpoint by pressing ‘ctrl + n’ on your keyboard. This will bring you back to your last checkpoint, which may be useful in races where you’ve fell down with no way back up, or you’re just too far away from the action.

Note if you are doing trials, you can quick restart with ‘ctrl + m’ if you mess up and want to start again on a party for a better time.

Join codes

Join codes are if you’d like to join in on someone else’s game. Note that there is a join codes channel in the official Blankos Block Party discord server where players can post their join codes. You can input Join codes in the Party Bus, or share your join code which will be shown on the bottom right in your game’s lobby.

Groups and Friends

Blankos Block Party is most fun playing with others. You can connect with your friends via username and join them in a group which makes playing with them a bit easier. The maximum in a group is 6 players. All players will get pulled into the same game as the party leader. Note that you have to join them while they are in a game, you won’t join them until the next one.

You cannot leave to go to your shelf while you’re in a group. If you are playing with more than 6 or are having issues, sometimes the join code method is the easier method. Make sure you look out for the minimum and maximum number of players in each map as well.

Build Mode

All parties in Blankos were built using the game’s build mode. Building your own party is part of the fun, if you’d like to show off your creative side, try the build mode and build your own party. Check out our Build Mode Overview as well as Building Tips if you’re interested in building.

Concluding remarks – Have Fun

That was it, hopefully you learned something. The most important thing is to have fun! If you are still lost or want to learn more, head over to our Guides, Tips & Tricks Section.

If you liked this post, please share it, leave us a comment or participate in our forum. It would mean a lot and we’d really appreciate it.

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