Blankos Open Beta & Supply Limits for Founder’s Packs

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The Private Beta

The Private Beta has established a solid community foundation; an engaged core group of players which helped jumpstart the game and also formed the basis of a flourishing NFT economy.

Here are a few milestones that Mythical Games wanted to share today:

  • There have been over 100,000 registered accounts who’ve officially signed up for Private Beta access
  • The official Blankos Discord channel has over 15,500 fans who are hanging out daily and sharing all the amazing stuff they’re doing in game
  • There were 1600 new blocks created during Private Beta in 2 weeks

Open Beta

Blankos Block Party will be transitioning to Open Beta on Thursday, Dec 10.

That’s right, Blankos Block Party will be in Open Beta, which means everyone who wants to play, can play! (that’s ONE week from today!)

Note that if you participated in Private Beta, that there will be no reset in the transition to Open Beta, and your Blocks will carry over! There may still be a progression/moola reset going into the full release of the game.

What Does That Mean for Founder Packs?

The Founder’s Pack sale will be closing on Sunday, Dec. 13 at 11:59:59 pm PST or when the packs sell out, whichever comes first. The Founder’s Packs that don’t sell out prior to Dec. 13th, will be burned, which means the existing founder’s packs that are owned could become even more rare.

The supply counts for founder’s Packs are listed below!

  • Boss Pack — 3,500
  • Bite Me Pack — 4,500
  • Tako Pack — 5,500
  • Ice Pack — 6,500

These numbers represent the max supply for each pack. Once they are sold out, THEY ARE GONE. Mythical Games won’t re-issue them, ever. Once they are gone, the only way to get one will be to buy them from sellers on the secondary market when it arrives next year.

What’s New with Open Beta?

Anyone can play! Invite your friends and get shootin’ or racin’.. Really whatever your vibe is.

As we get closer to the transition to Open Beta, there will more detail on updates Mythical Games have planned. There’ll be more changes arriving to the Junction as well as new content and maybe some new Blankos to boot. Keep an eye on the official Discord, social channels and Blankos Junction for more info.

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