Blending Blankos (Superseded)

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Blending has been superseded as of 2nd June, 2021. Blending is now known as MashUPs or Mashing.

Not much is known about blending two Blankos together to create a new Blanko, however it has been confirmed to be a thing. When Blankos blend together they create a new Blanko which inherits traits from each parent Blanko including features and colors to create a completely unique Blanko.

El Cha Bones is a Blanko who appears to be produced from Blending El Cha and Billy Bones together. Click here for a list of Blended Blankos that we’ve spotted.

More information about blending will be available from Mythical Games in the near future.

You can see it in the SXSW trailer (around the 20 second mark) below:

There is a dedicated spot in the in game hub (The Junction) which is dedicated to Blending called the Vender Blender. Because of this, Blending is thought to be a major mechanic for the game in the future.

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