Block Raid

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Block Raid is a nighttime FFA shooter map based in the city. Here you’ll find a hotel, club, clothing store, apartment block, diner, basketball court, all of which can be entered to hide from your enemies or discover awesome loot. Block Raid is a place where Blankos come together and cause an up-stir in an already buzzing environment. The Blankos are taking over!

Players: 6-24
Time: 5 minutes

Gameplay Video

11 Responses

  • This map was the best city map I have played yet! The use of textures and objects is something out of this world. The mannequins, stairs, furniture were all very well placed. The quality of trash bins and trash bags in the back alley were quite the opposite of trash 😉 . You managed to take advantage of speed boosters and z-fighting to create a prop that appears to stutter and move — this was very creative. Use of lighting was phenomenal; you used them as decorative lights, streetlights, spotlights, everything I could think of. Using speed boosters and speed limits as neon lights were also very creative.

    The lobby placement is also a very big thumbs up! You managed to show players a good view of the entire map from a bird’s eye view, and also revealed the area of the RPG so players know where it is but still maintain the difficulty of obtaining one.(Not to mention that players can entertain themselves while waiting in the lobby.)

    Gameplay wise, there was one thing that caught my attention. The twin buildings didn’t have an obvious access to the roof, so it took me a good 30 seconds to find out I needed to jump on the trees to access the balcony.

    Similarly, the yellow building was somewhat difficult to access the roof, since you needed to stay on the edge of the balcony railing and perform a wall jump. There was only a railgun and grenade launcher, so I found it less rewarding. It would be much difficult if the player was under heavy fire.

    I managed to find the other RPG, that was (spoiler) hidden behind the Hotel. I would never have found it if my camera didn’t clip through the wall. Not sure if this was intentional.

    Overall, this was very amazing to play! Stunning visuals, and amazing game design. I will be looking forward to checking out your next builds.

    • Wow, awesome feedback Hen, thank you! I took into account everything you mentioned and have made both roof tops slightly easier to access. The roof jump on the yellow apartment block is much more obvious and simple to do as I’ve moved the roof back to give more open headspace when you’re standing on the balcony. Also added some blocks to the entrance wall if the player decides they want to step up that way. It’s also more rewarding when you do reach the top now ;). Removed the AR from the entrance down below as I felt it was in the way when leaving the building (therefore removing the weapon you might have entered the building to pick up).

      I’ve added vibes on the tops of the trees between the hotel and office buildings to indicate that is the way up there. Changed/added loot at the top as well.

      The centre of the basketball court is also bouncy now.

      I did have to edit some of my props with newer props to save on space (like the basketball hoops).

      The clipping through the wall wasn’t intentional but i suppose it’s fine to have it there. Works as a nice surprise for whoever goes exploring over there and suddenly realises there’s an RPG behind the building.

      Thanks again Hen! Glad you enjoyed the map 🙂 can’t wait to do another city map at some stage.

  • The level of detail in this map was insane! I loved the club, bus, basketball court and more! I was trying to explore the map but kept getting shot at. I love how the starting lobby area is right above a building where you can see the rocket launcher but it isn’t easy to get and you can see the staircase you built. I also love how you used vibes to help guide the players into the various buildings, and it was really good use of text to let players know what was what. I really liked going into the diner to get ammo, haha. Uploaded a gameplay video to this post. When shooting gets reworked, this map will become even more legendary! Only downside I could see, is when you go into buildings, the camera can get a little crazy and also the speedboosts in the club made me go a bit nuts, but these aren’t problems you can control. Great work as always jhcosmics.

  • Not sure if cursing is allowed on here, but HOLY ******* ****. This map was amazing. The detail, the cars, the bike perfectly leaning against a house. The little things. The ONLY issue I even had with the map was that I was having such a good time exploring that I forgot it was a shooter and didnt kill anyone! Great work.

    • Haha, love your comment! Thanks a lot @whyismommycrying ! Neeeeed moooore buiiild spaaaaaace!

      Thought about releasing it also as a Vibe Collect map to give people lots of time to explore. Thoughts?

      • Voting for a vibe collect version to explore the map better. Like others I was mainly around the bus and managed to climb up some building, that was about it. Perhaps a late afternoon setting which transitions to night as you explore? Again another master piece, great work.


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