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  • I actually like this level a lot, I replaced your original feature image with one of my own because it didn’t do the level justice! The vibes looked like rain and I thought it was really cool as you bounce and collect. Also there’s guns you can collect but then you have to make sure you don’t hit the cacti on the bottom. Very nice map Brains, keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for replacing the image, as this one is definitely much better! Tbh the cacti are a blooper mistake. I didn’t realize the cacti were affected by gravity when I placed them in the air lol. Now that I know this though, I want to make a map that uses it as a feature. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Happy holidays!

    • Hi CMOCNOTES, thanks for commenting on Blankos Junction and contributing . I’ve noticed you’ve been adding some good comments but there are also a few superficial comments which don’t really help the builders of the level or community. Some of these comments here and there are okay but do note that these superficial comments will not be counted towards your minimum eligibility criteria for the 26DNS giveaways.

      In future comments if you can add in why you like something, pick out certain aspects to comment on or ways you think something can be better, that’d be really appreciated by everyone.

      Thanks! Blankos Junction.

  • Just did this map twice. Super fun with levitate and the vibe collect skill. A nice change of pace from the shooters. It was a little glitchy, not sure if it was on my end or because of all the vibes. I think some of the really skilled players would finish this very quickly, but I still really enjoyed it and would love more maps like this!

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