Build Mode Overview

In game you will be able to create your own Block Party (mini-game) using various building items, props, decorations, materials etc. for game modes such as shooting, racing, collecting and tag or a combination of them all in one.

No coding or scripting is required in order to build your own world. You simply build a Party, design and build out your parties, drop inventory and objects (which can be scaled and rotated) into it, and then configure what the rules of the game play are. Everything can be done with a game controller or mouse/keyboard and the game takes care of the rest!

During building you can pop in and out of your level to test it immediately with ease. For example if a jump looked too far, you could jump quickly out to test it before jumping back in to readjust it. Once republished you can invite your friends to your new and improved Block Party!

Build mode

To commence building your level you pop into Build mode. As of November 2021, the desk was introduced, and so Build mode can now only be accessed via finding the Foreman in the Junction. You can access the Junction via the Social tab in your main menu. The Foreman is located at the Think Tank.

In build mode, you can view your various Block Parties, create a new Block party, clone one of your previously created parties or edit or publish a party you’ve been working on.

Starting the Build

When you first start a new party, you are dropped into an empty world with the ground and the spawn point where the Blankos start in your level. You can also see the lobby which is where everyone waits until the game is ready to start.

There is a block budget which limits how big your block (mini game worldl) can be.

To make your level unique, you use props to decorate and interact with. You will start off with a large set of basic props. The total number of props will grow over time as the game grows.

To put props together, you can either snap in together like a grid, snap it to other objects, or just place them wherever you like and overlay them to create something new. The various categories of props is listed below.


Things is the categorical name for building objects in the game such as decorations, interactives, structures and basics.


Decorations are objects to make your Block Party look nicer and a way for you to style it to your liking. These are things like barriers, benches, speaker, rocks, chairs, statues, plants and trees.


Interactives are objects which can interact with your Blanko in your word such as a fan, seesaw, a cannon, a spray paint can, a trampoline or a beach ball.


Structures are bigger objects like a house or a building.


Basics are the building blocks of your Party. These include items such as bricks, cubes, tubes, platforms and ramps.


Use lights to highlight various aspects of your level. They help you light up your Block Party and you can place them to your liking.

Your Block settings

In the general tab, you name your Block Party, determine the minimum and maximum number of players (at this time is appears that the maximum amount of players is 20 based on the videos below (see 3:35)), the play mode and take a snapshot of your block (game level) to display to the public.

The next tab, the game settings tab is the most important as it’ll be where you determine the objective of your party and the main game mode (shooting, racing and collecting (vibes)). For an overview of the game modes please see our gameplay modes post here.

Examples of objectives and win conditions are things such as completing the level in the fastest time or how many vibes need to be collected (if it’s a vibes collecting mode) etc. You can also set up various other settings in the games setting tab such as friendly fire, starting ammo, starting gun type etc. (if it’s a shooter or shooter mix).

In the soundtracks tab, you can select the soundtrack from a set list of music that will be played in the background during your Party.

By setting these options up, the game will try to determine what you are trying to make and assist you in doing so, making the process simple and easy.

Watch these videos below to get a good quick overview of build mode

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