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Wanting to build your own parties in Blankos Block Party? Here’s some tips to help you on your journey. If you know nothing about building, check out our build mode overview post.

Some basics from the Winter Building Challenge which are good points to note for all builds:

  1. Basics:
    • Can you complete it?
    • Is the difficulty well balanced for all skill levels and Blanko abilities?
    • How much detail was put into the game settings and things like checkpoints, ammo placement, vibe placement.
  2. Artistic design
    • Use of color
    • Use of props
    • Use of interactives
    • Combination of elements like lighting
  3. Fun Factor
    • It’s gotta be fun
    • Small to medium Block parties, completed in under 5 minutes. But don’t hold back! If you have a cool idea, go for it.

We’ve also compiled some building tips from the Official Play Blankos Discord #building-chat-and-tips channel. If you have any other tips, make sure you add it to the comments section below!

Tips from Josh Foreman

  • Keeping Parties small-mid in size is much more important for shooters. Not for races. Races just need to be beginner friendly. (No multiple trampoline jumps over the abyss)
  • Making Groups is your friend.
  • Avoid tricky trampoline jumps, long falls, and long match lengths.
  • Checkpoints have a front and back – make sure you orientate them in the correct direction so when the players spawn there they are facing the right way.

Tips from @26dns

  • Being fun is top priority. Creativity and looking cool are bonuses.
  • Have fail safes for platforming so user isn’t wasting time falling into the void
  • Avoid pixel perfect or complicated wall/trampoline jumps
  • 4-5min shorter time frames
  • If users finish your level early have something at the end to preoccupy them while waiting for others to finish
  • Build levels that is small party friendly for 4 players
  • Of course build what you love and what you will think is interesting
  • You can edit the spawn properties on guns and ammo

Tips from @henwithatie

  • The best way to learn is gain experience. It personally took me about 5 hours to get fluent with the hotkeys and memorize basic controls.
  • When you start building but don’t like something, sometimes it’s better to start over. That way you are able to redo the same build but in a better way and sometimes earn new or better ideas.
  • Over time, you’ll gain your own knowledge of ways to build structures outside the box, in ways people wouldn’t expect.

Can you change the size/color of objects?

  • You can change the size by scrolling in rotation/scaling mode
  • You can change the color by pressing T while highlighting an object
  • Some objects like the lobby and interactives cannot change color
  • The scaling will also only change to a preset size, meaning you can’t have super mini objects.

Tips from @pines

  • For extra safety exit the game entirely and log back in before starting or editing a map.

Tips from @noodlestoo

  • If you press 2 on your keyboard, not in build mode, it’ll make the map go live to test it
  • If you have checkpoints, it’ll send you back to the start if you die and you’ll have to start all over. Otherwise, publishing and testing is the best option for you.

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