Burger San

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Early Access Edition! After the kitchens close, a secret society of arcane chefs push the culinary arts to their limits. A pinch of salt, a sprinkle of paprika, and a dash of Ingredient X bring this cheesygoing homie to life. Oishii!

Artist: Junko Mizuno;
Season: 00, Early Access;
Price at release: 3000 Blanko Bucks / $29.99 USD;
Rarity: 2000;
Sold in store: 25th August 2021 3pm PDT;

Prior to the official release, Burger San was spotted on the registration page of the official Blankos website. Thanks to user ‘great’ on discord for pointing it out! At that time, not much information was known about Burger San, only that it was designed by Artist Junko Mizuno due to the artist logo/tag on the box.

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