Fun Facts

Here are some random fun facts from Blankos that the community has spotted. It’s a small but growing list. We’re sure there are plenty of other fun things that we … Read More

Blankos: Mainstream Scarcity

Blankos are a new type of toy wrapped in a new type of game. They are a unique shape, they have a unique attitude, and they have a unique way of being collected by players. Blankos is the beginning of a new brand for Mythical Games, a pioneer in the mainstream adoption of NFTs and a company with the resources and drive to bring blockchain gaming to the masses. … Read More

Using Blockchain to advance the gaming industry

Blankos Block Party may seem like any other video game on the surface but what makes this game special is that it utilizes Blockchain technology. Blankos Junction believe that Blankos Block Party is the catalyst which will spread wide stream adoption of blockchain into the rapidly growing gaming industry and advance it into the next generation. You may be asking what’s blockchain or why Blankos Block Party? These will all be answered soon, keep reading to find out more. … Read More

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