CC Targets

Intense Target-focused map, you can go for the other players too if you prefer.

Nitro Nation

I made the first Nitro Nation X Blankos collab map, explore the Nitro Nation themed map while getting as many KOs as possible!


『THE BRAWLERS FIYA 』 2-8 SHOOT FFA FIYAMAP#5 Let’s make it clear who’s the best hitter on the best stage😎🤟

Five And Out

New map: Five and Out – You have 5 lives, be the last one standing to win. The player with most lives will be highlighted for everyone, so go for … Read More

The Apple Tree

A compact FFA on a fun and colorful landscape. Lots of places to hide and caves to explore! Are you lucky enough to find the four Leaf clover? Video Walkthrough

Watermelonie Mansion

Everyone thinks Watermelonie got rich from Blankos, but its was actually from her prolific art career. She has many pieces on display in and around her watermelon themed abode. Be … Read More

Howlyr Beach

My entry for Howlyr’s beach themed build contest. Fight to the death for Howlyr’s love and affection while avoiding sand in your eyes and rising lava. A compact FFA shooter … Read More

Soul Burger

“Soul Burger” A restaurant in the sky, where burgers go to die! A FFA shooter both church and fast food themed. I hope you have as much fun playing this … Read More

The Market

Check out what I do other than Blankos, scan the QR code IN GAME to check out my personal website with links to all my clothing and art! Also a … Read More

Blankos Junction