Enemy forces have landed on the beach and are storming our defenses! Join the attacking (beach) team or the defending (fort) team and engage in a large scale, tactical battle.

Poppy Fields

It’s all about Flower Power! Storm into a battle with a barrage of botanicals! Team Third Kind VS Team Mythical! May the best team win! Video Walkthrough

Greenhouse – Teams

Fight against the enemy team as you’re jumping around inside the Greenhouse, visit the top floor to find a railgun, while having a great view of the entire map.… Read More


This 4 team shooter based on the map “haven” from the halo series leads players into close quarters combat while also giving them plenty of room to run around. Be … Read More


Heavily based on Valhalla (originally Blood Gultch) from the halo series, this long wide open map pits two teams against each other for control over the canyon. Use the launch … Read More

Coffins and Candy Canes

My 5th map. A compact, asymmetrical team shooter both Halloween and Christmas themed. Choose a side and fight for your favorite holiday! Gameplay Video

Glow Scape 1 Shoot

Hustle and Glow themed shooter map. Close quarters with pistols. Race for control of the SMG! Building Video

Skatepark: hardcore

This shooter is similar to search and destroy gameplay. There are 3 rounds each about 2 min long. Once a round is over, the map will wipe itself clean and … Read More

Blue Vs Red

Classic team shooter. Don’t get fooled by the dreamy battlefield, this is the ultimate showdown between Blankos. Defend your castle or charge the enemies with the force of 1,000 moons! … Read More

Alien Invasion

Drop down as the Alien Invaders or protect your home as a native Blanko in this Night time team shooter! You can explore the park or ride the tractor beam … Read More

Bridge Fight

Different weapon types are found across the multiple layers of a bridge. Will you take the top of the bridge and snipe those beneath you or look to take the … Read More

Toxic Training Ground

Where is the perfect place to hold Blankos military exercises? Probably not here. In Toxic Training Ground you will fight amongst discarded military vehicles, equipment, mounds of toxic waste, and … Read More

Training Camp

It doesn’t matter if you have tickets for the cheap seats or the club box. Training camp brings the action to YOU from all areas of the stadium in a … Read More

Blankos Junction