Possible Race 1

Before taking a go on the Impossible Race series, you might want to stop by Possible Race. An easier series that teach you the basics of the advanced movement in … Read More

The House of Wartooth

Nestled away at the top of Mythical Mountain, Ben Wartooth built a house…. ON THE BONES OF HIS ENEMIES!. The bodies have stacked so high that the mountain has turned … Read More

Blankos Museum of Art

You’ve crashed your truck into the Blankos Museum of Art! Why not take a quick look around before you make your escape? On display are exhibits from all across the … Read More

Ya Blue It

Ya Blue It is an incredibly difficult parkour map designed to teach and improve on the most advanced parkour skills. The obstacles are very unforgiving and require many attempts to … Read More


Pain. Gameplay Video

Sky Run Airathon

My first Party is finally complete! Sky Run Airathon is a short but tricky race available in both Race and Trial modes. This Party was partially inspired by Super Mario … Read More

Knight – Trial

Race through this dark map while evading obstacles. There’s a huge knight who dropped his sword, run up the sword to complete the race. Gameplay Video

Cloud Surfin’

Queue the Super Mario music! This Mario inspired build will have you reliving the ‘glory’ days of gaming! See how fast you can get to the castle to save Peach … Read More

The Blankos Pearl

In anticipation of the update this morning, and because I have to work. This racing map is now live. Race around the ship, high and low, and spend a day … Read More


I’m going to throw it out there. Bootcamp is one of the, if not the hardest map, in the game to complete without skills. Can you get through it in … Read More

Khaos’ Labyrinth

Named after chaos himself, one that has been in the works for some time. A maze that changes your escape route every time you spawn in. There is a very … Read More

Prison Break

A puzzle trial of sorts. look around each obstacle for details on how to complete it and move on. Can you break out and escape in time?

Chasing The Sun

Where it all started. This is my first map made in blankos. Starting in a cave, climb the track to slowly reach for the sun.

Cloud Mastery – 26DNS

Gamemode: Platformer time trial
Description: This party is great for beginners looking to hone their jumping skills. Hop through the heavens and
Read More

Anubis Revenge

Resurrected from the tomb, once again appreciating the highs of life, Anubis is determined to bring you back to his domain. Who will win? Blankos vs. Anubis. This carnival racer … Read More

Blankos Junction