How do I ‘Play to Earn’ in Blankos Block Party?

Blankos Block Party is a game which incorporates elements of Play to Earn but how does it work? We’ve answered a list of common questions to help you understand. A … Read More

XP Chips

XP Chips are consumable items that you can apply to level up any Blanko of your choosing. The Chips vary in value and can either be purchased or earned via … Read More


Gumballs are consumable items which can be used in upgrades (GradeUps) and also used to change the color of your Blankos in MashUps! Some Gumballs will reflect the color palette … Read More

Mixing & Mashing

Customize your Blankos in two ways: Mixing and Mashing. Mixing means you’re customizing a single Blanko using a Gumball. Gumballs are a collectible that can be earned through the Party Pass or bought … Read More

Blankos: Mainstream Scarcity

Blankos are a new type of toy wrapped in a new type of game. They are a unique shape, they have a unique attitude, and they have a unique way of being collected by players. Blankos is the beginning of a new brand for Mythical Games, a pioneer in the mainstream adoption of NFTs and a company with the resources and drive to bring blockchain gaming to the masses. … Read More


There are lots of NPCs (Non-player characters) in the game. We’ve listed out the ones we have encountered however since the game is still in Beta, these may change, grow and evolve over time.… Read More

Watch some Gameplay from SXSW 2019

We’ve stumbled across some old gameplay footage from the SXSW 2019 event. It’s a great video showing the gameplay we’d expect from the Beta showing the Blanko ‘I am rare’ playing the vibe collecting game mode. Enjoy the commentary from Jeremy and Mythical Games CCO Jamie Jackson (JNOK) as he plays through the game. This should give you your Blankos Block Party fix until Beta launches on November 17th, Enjoy!… Read More

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