XP Chips

XP Chips are consumable items that you can apply to level up any Blanko of your choosing. The Chips vary in value and can either be purchased or earned via … Read More


Gumballs are consumable items which can be used in upgrades (GradeUps) and also used to change the color of your Blankos in MashUps! Some Gumballs will reflect the color palette … Read More


Moola is the in-game soft currency which sits along side the hard currency Blanko Bucks. You can earn Moola by doing things like completing challenges, Gigs, leveling up your Blanko … Read More

Blanko Bucks

Blanko Bucks are the in-game hard currency. This is one of two ingame currencies which can be used to purchase Blankos, accessories, weapons, building materials, emotes and more. It can … Read More

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