Staring Shades GC

Run through this spooky map to try and get rid of all the shades staring at you. There’d be monster tree, gigantic big black owls, witches and more in this … Read More

The Reactor

Warning: The vibe reactor will begin to fill with lava 1 minute after the clock begins, and the vibe reward is higher lower down. There’s no time to waste! Type: … Read More

Junction 3021

A journey into a future place of The Junction in the year 3021. Jump into the portal to find yourself in a fast paced 3 lap race which takes place … Read More


A big, colourful playground for a good old Blankos run around. Type: RacePlayers: 5-20Time: 3.5 minutes Gameplay Video

Candy Land

I made the ULTIMATE Candy Land, collect as many vibes as possible. Are you going to explore the Muffin Mountain, Gumball Machine or Chocolate boats first? Gameplay Video

Racers Of The Lost Ark

Race through an egyptian landscape. Be careful when entering the pyramids, there’s traps everywhere! Get the quickest time in this 2 lap race. Gameplay Video

A Tea Party

Get your race on while an octopus has a tea party in the local baths. A particularly slippery ride, so watch out for those tentacles! Type: Race Time: 2.5 minutes … Read More

Block Raid

Block Raid is a nighttime FFA shooter map based in the city. Here you’ll find a hotel, club, clothing store, apartment block, diner, basketball court, all of which can be … Read More

Love Drop <3

A race block?! From Scrappy? Who woulda thought… That’s right ladies and gentlemen introducing “Love Drop” a new race map by yours truly. For this block, i went with function … Read More

Blankos Junction