Chemical B Dino

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Early Access Edition! The discovery of Chemical B and its applications in renewable energy should have made Boss Dino bags of cash. Instead, a routine R&D visit left him covered in radioactive sludge. He’s alive, but feels…weird. Minted from Boss Dino.

Chemical B Dino is the second stage of the Gem Rush event for Boss Dino.

Artist: James Groman;
Season: 00, Early Access;
Fusion Blanko: 2 x Lvl 15 EX Boss Dino;
Max Supply: ???;
Minted: ???;
Burned: ???;
Gem Rush Date: March 17th, 11 AM PDT / 18:00 UTC;

Gem Rush is a feature where you combine two Blankos via Fusion to create a new, rarer and more unique Blanko. Blankos must be leveled up to the highest tier at max level (Level 15) in order for them to be Fused. The Gem Rush event only occurs during special limited time periods. Click here to read more about the Gem Rush feature.

To read more about the specific Boss Dino Gem Rush, refer to this article.

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