EddieEagle Winter Olympics [Winter Challange] – LCDIZZLE

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First attempt at making a level in Blankos Block Party
or any game. It is called EddieEagle Winter Olympics [Winter Challange]. I really enjoyed using game mechanics to make my level. Lots of fun being involved and playing the game, very much looking forward to see what the future holds .

Gameplay Video

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  • This map was surprisingly big and had lots and lots of sliding but it was a lot of fun to play! Good work! The bit with the snowmen was a bit slow, so maybe some speedboosts in that area would help but otherwise a very good first map! Keep up the great work.

  • Good use of angles on the slides, which provided both speed and smoothness for user experience. You tend to run out of gas on the flat platform run at the base of the spiral ramp. Suggest placing more speed boosts or vibes there? The spiral ramp had a little surprise gap which was good, but saw some casualties behind me lol. Great first map you’ve made LCDIZZLE.

    • Thanks for all the replies was a bit scared of what feedback I may get.

      Really positive many thanks.

      I did think it was a bit slow at the end but wanted to try to keep a change in each section and have no one advantage for any particular skill tree. Not to hard not to easy.

      Will certainly take on board the feedback and will change it up. I hope you all get to try and see the changes.



  • No problem, only good vibes and constructive feedback here 🙂 In that case leave certain sections different from the rest to achieve equitable gameplay. Will definitely try it out again when you implement the changes.


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