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New kind of map that haven’t been seen before! The map plays itself, all you have to do is jump on the moving obstacle that arrives where u start and it will take you through the entire map. Collect the vibes by standing in the middle of the moving object, this is more of a cinematic experience.

Gameplay Video

2 Responses

  • This was a really unique concept and worked out well. It’s a nice relaxing map which even pushes you from moving platform to moving platform. The scenery was really nice, I particularly liked the toy house area! One thing which I realised was if you don’t complete the vibe objective then you kind of get stuck wondering where you went wrong. I suggest you lower the total gameplay time from 10 minutes to around 3 mins? Well done SelvesteGudTTv, you created your own ‘on rails’ party mode!

  • So the concept behind this map is really cool and I liked I didnt have to do much lol but at the same time I kinda feel like part of the map you should have to get off the platform and collect vibes maybe.. I really loved this map though! Going through the different sections of the Factory was really cool! Great build


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