Freeway 2

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Freeway 2 is an extension of my idea for the first Freeway map I made. This one a fast paced flying map with vibe collect as the primary challenge and completing the race within the time as the secondary. This map is also released as a race only map – Freeway 2 [Race Only] – so feel free to check that out as well if you don’t feel like doing the vibe challenge.

Type: Vibe collect/Race
Time: 3 minutes
Accessories: Jetpack

Gameplay Video

3 Responses

  • I had a lot of fun on this map, once I realized that you could actually fly. The bouncing at the start was very cool, unique and fun! I loved the use of all the speed boosts and slow boosts however the slow ones that you used on the lights that look really nice can get a bit frustrating if you fly too high but maybe that was intentional. It felt really fast paced and fun. The little zone at the end was a nice touch, but perhaps the game duration is a bit short for noobs to get that far along in the map? See my gameplay video.

  • So I had to play this map twice to really get the hang of it but I will say it is a load of fun! The use of the speed and slow boosts is really cool! The first time I played I did the collection one.. I finished with barely enough time to look at the end room but it did look really cool! The second time I played I did the race one and I had the hang of it from the first time.. the only issue I ran into was one of the checkpoints you have is up high and then I feel like I almost immediately hit a slow boost but I’m pretty bad at flying so that’s probably why haha. Great build though!


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