Frost Bite

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My submission to the winter map building challenge. Featuring a large ice serpent with frost breath. Twist and wind your way around the equally as twisty serpent to reach the end where you see the treasure it’s guarding.

Gameplay Video

4 Responses

  • The boxed golden ticket was a great touch at the end. The strategically placed obstacles on the track made the race just easy enough for beginners but challenging for people wanting to optimize their time. Really loving the ice breath from the snake. You get the feel of the action through the still objects.

  • I have tried this race multiple times and enjoyed it a lot. The map had a long running track around the Ice Dragon, and I would love to see more unique obstacles added to the track for more content. Love how you added the Mythical logo on the safe.

  • Hi Sandy, great level as always, really impressed by your ice serpent. Never noticed the boxed golden ticket at the end until you posted this! Amazing attention to detail. I think you already maxed out this block to 100% but if you could put hidden lava on the underside of the floor so if people fall off the ramp, they die, that’d make the map even better. I’ve added a video onto this post, just to showcase it a bit more.

  • Heyhey 🙂
    Great work on this creation! I’ve played it yesterday and I really like the mythical side of it with the drake that frost the place up! The level of difficulty is fair I think you can make it harder to pass trough the Serpent breath without it being to to hard 🙂
    Overall I really love the artwork in there!


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