Fun Facts

Here are some random fun facts from Blankos that the community has spotted. It’s a small but growing list. We’re sure there are plenty of other fun things that we haven’t covered so if you spot something else, please let us know via discord and we’ll add it to the list!

1. The Birds Eye View of The Junction (Early Access) looks like a Blanko!

If you fly up and look at the Junction from the sky, it kind of looks like a Blanko! Can you see the eyes and horns!? Thanks to Yeesha who sent this in via discord.

2. The Birds Eye View of Spawn point looks like the Billy Bones Mask/Deep Sea Fish!

This one is a bit more abstract, but the birds eye view of the spawn point from the sky kind of looks like Billy Bones’ Mask or maybe it’s a deep sea fish! Thanks to Yeesha who sent this in via discord.

3. The Pigeon NPC’s name is Squidgen!

Have you noticed this tiny Pigeon NPC? It came up during the Junction Early Access Teaser (see 50 second mark). Well it’s name is actually Squidgen and he/she can be found when you go to the park hex, near the bridge on the right of the entrance on top of the tree. We know it’s name because Yeesha said something about it when the early access teaser released and Mythical called it Squidgen. Thanks to Yeesha who sent this in via discord.

There may also be some other Squidgens located around the junction, keep you eyes peeled! Word has it, there’s another one near a water fountain as well!

4. Platypus’ will give you love

If you spam E against the Platypus’ in game, they will give you some love hearts. Thanks to Yeesha who sent this in via discord.

5. There are 6 Rawgers in the Junction

Have you noticed that there are 6 Rawgers (the NPC with a hook hand). There’s 3 in front of the shop area, 2 in the park and 1 near the Vendor Blender. Thanks to Yeesha who sent this in via discord.

6. NPCs & Objects will make sounds when you interact with them in the Junction

If you spam ‘E’ near the NPCs such as Willow, Grandpappy or Chauncey, they’ll make a sound! Try it out next time you’re in the Junction and you might hear a ‘Hey!’. There’s also various platforms and objects that may have sound bites. Run around and jump on things, that’s part of the fun.

7. The Foreman NPC is based off Josh Foreman – Senior Level Designer at Mythical Games

Senior Level Design at Mythical Games – Josh Foreman appears in likeness to The Foreman NPC in game. His in game model is missing an arm and carries a spray can in his beard instead because of that. Josh has been the main focal point for the builders in Blankos Block Party and is always providing great build feedback in the official building discord channels.

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