Gameplay Modes

In Blankos Block Party, there are various game modes, this includes: building your own maps, shooting, racing or collecting. The game is mainly focused on multiplayer via the Blankos Brawl Game mode but there are also some ways where you can play Trials for a single player experience. You can also create your own private group with your friends to play random stages that you select via the Party Bus.

Blankos Brawl (Multiplayer)

The main objective of Blanko Brawl is to outperform the competition in elimination-based Stages and be the last Blanko standing! Only the toughest, most skilled Blanko may be crowned the Brawl Champ!

Blankos Brawl Stages each consist of 1 of 3 game modes, racing, shooting, or vibe collect; and given how many players the Brawl starts with, you’ll either be loaded into a Team Stage or a Qualifier Stage (FFA). Players who lose in these Stages don’t make the cut and are eliminated. Once the competition comes down to just a few players, the Finale Stage begins! The stakes are high now – only one of you will make it to the Winner’s Circle!


This is like any other basic shooting game but only features death match (most knockouts) and team death match.


Racing involves completing an prescribed route against other players before they do. You are tasked with running through a path determined by the level creator running through checkpoints.

Vibe Collects

Collecting involves finding and picking up a certain set number vibes (pink, blue, purple or yellow lightning bolts) placed around a world area. This can be the max collected within a certain time limit or the first player to collect all the elements before the other players. Yellow vibes are worth the most (50), Purple vibes second (10), blue third (5) and pink last (1). There are two types of Vibes, the ones inside a circle are solo vibes and can only be collected by one Blankos before it disappears where-as the standard vibe can be collected by everyone.


Pins are a way of recognizing players for accomplishing certain tasks within Blanko Brawl. Pins are ranked by bronze, silver, or gold and both the tiers of, and rewards given from, these pins directly represent the difficulty of the accomplished task.


What better way to instill additional competition than with Blanko Brawl leaderboards? The leaderboards will ensure you have the motivation to be on your A-game, every game! The leaderboards track stats such as wins, gold pins earned, and KO’s. How high your stats are in each category dictates your placement on the leaderboards. And for those of you who prove your skills and rise to the top, Mythical Games have got special rewards for you!

Single Player & Finding your own Custom Party

For singe player you can test your skills in Trials or create your own level in build mode. Your created level or levels created by others can be played in multiplayer by grouping up. Group up with friends by inviting them to a group, joining a friends group, or use a join code to join specific Block Parties. These games can be found via the Party Bus, accessed through the main menu.


Trials is a single player experience where you are honing your skills (such as platforming) in game. You will race against the clock to see if you can make the leader-board against other players.


In game you will be able to create your own world using building items, materials and decorations in game to create one of the below game modes, a mix of the ones you like or even all of them combined. For example a you could build a ‘party’ (game) where you start off racing and halfway through it becomes shooter.

No coding is required in order to build your own world. You simply build a Party, design and build out your parties, drop inventory and toys into it, and then configure what the rules of the gameplay are. Everything can be done with a game controller or mouse/keyboard and the game takes care of the rest!

During building you can pop in and out of your level to test it as your go easily. For example if a jump looked too far, you could jump quickly out to test it before jumping back in to readjust it.

For a build mode overview, see our post here.

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