Gem Rush

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Active Gem Rush (while supplies last and no time limit)

Completed Gem Rush

General information about Gem Rush

In a Gem Rush you fuse 2 Blankos at maximum level to a boxed Blanko with a new design which can unlock new visual effects and sound effects as it levels. Only Blankos of active Gem Rushes can be fused to a new Blanko.
– Ex15 + Ex15 = boxed MT
– MT15 + MT15 = boxed GM
Once a Blanko reaches these level and can participate in a gem rush you will see the gem rush button in the grade up part of the Blanko (where you usually level it). If you press that it takes you to the gem rush, which looks like the blender but acts different. It shows on the right side only blankos that you can gem rush. You will see a preview of the new boxed Blanko in the middle.
Hidden perks and class are taken from the left blanko. so if A is left a tracer with payback and cheat death and B is right a tanker with endurance and greedy, then your boxed fused Blanko will be like A a tracer with payback and cheat death.
The resulting Blanko will keep the Season of the initial Blankos, even when you fuse them in a later Season.

Total rewards for leveling:
– MT: 5 unique rewards, 2500 BB, 4 random gumballs
– GM: 5 unique rewards, 10000 BB, 12 random gumballs
Unique rewards when leveling MT and GM:
– MT: MT plate next to the name, footstep SFX, shove animation, stunned animation, shove pfx (additional effect to the shove animation), running trail
– GM: GM plate next to the name, unique emote, unique run animation, new sound, new run trail (different than the MT), flight attachment (can be “removed” by equipping something else in that slot but returns once nothing is equipped

Material requirements:
– FR1-FR15: 50,000 XP
– Grade-Up FR->GD: 8 gumballs (reduced by gumballs used in Mash-Ups for that blanko) + 15,000 Moola or 750 BB
– GD1-GD15: 70,000 XP
– Grade-Up GD->EX: 12 gumballs (can be reduced) + 20,000 Moola or 1,000 BB
– EX1-EX15: 90,000 XP
– Gem Rush EX->MT: 2 EX15 Blankos + 16 gumballs + 25,000 Moola or 1,250 BB
– MT1-MT15: 110,000 XP
– Gem Rush MT->GM: 2 MT15 Blankos + 20 gumballs + 30,000 Moola or 1,500 BB
– GM1-GM15: 130,000 XP
Total requirements from FR1 to EX15:
– 210,000 XP + 20 gumballs + 35,000 Moola or 1,750 BB
Total requirements from FR1 to a MT (boxed):
– 2 FR1 blankos (of the same type for the Gem Rush) + 420,000 XP + 56 Gumballs + 95,000 Moola or 4,750BB
Total requirements from FR1 to GM (boxed):
– 4 FR1 blankos (of the same type for Gem Rush) + 1,060,000 XP + 122 Gumballs + 220,000 Moola or 11,000 BB

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