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Early Access Edition! The beat drops. Lights fill your eyes. Amid the radiance stands a mau5. Its massive ears alight as it grins and glows. You surrender to the spectacle. It’s familiar. It’s energizing. The vibe is eternal. You feel infinite…

Artist: Dan Lish x Deadmau5;
Season: 00, Early Access;
Price on release: 35000 Blankos Bucks / $349.99 USD;
Rarity: 1000;
Sold in Store: 3pm PDT October 27th 2021.

This Blanko has a special box and also remove’s it’s helmet when you wear other head accessories. It also has an exclusive Scribble Emote!

To celebrate the launch of the Day of the Deadmau5 Blanko & Accessories, the Junction was temporarily changed to night time and Deadmau5 party island was added.

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