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GradeUP is the leveling system for Blankos Block Party inspired by the real grading scale for rare collectibles. Playing with your Blanko earns you experience (XP) which you can use to promote your Blanko through the GradeUP system. Alternatively you can use XP Chips, which you earn through progressing your Party Pass or in the Shop.

Every Blanko has three main Grades: Fair, Good & Excellent. Some Blankos will be able to progress to Premium Grades Mint & Gem Mint via the Gem Rush system.

Each Grade has 5 progressive levels that must be achieved before you can advance to the next Grade. Once you reach the top of LV5 on any Grade you’ll have the chance to GradeUP to the next tier.

Blanko Grades:

  • Fair
  • Good
  • Excellent (EX)
  • Mint (MT) [Gem Rush] – Selective Blankos
  • Gem Mint [Gem Rush] – Selective Blankos

In order to advance from Grade to Grade, you must spend Gumballs and Moola or Blanko Bucks. This currency commitment will unlock the next tier of rewards you can unlock as you progress from Level 1-5 in that Grade.

You can earn that sweet XP any way you prefer to hustle: playing Block Parties, completing gigs in The Junction, completing Party Pass challenges, and more. As you level up in each grade, you unlock new Perk slots, slots on your Blankos for Accessories, Hidden Perks, and even get some in-game currency. But that’s not the end of the road. Oh, no, let’s talk about Gem Rush.

Gem Rush

Gem Rush is an upcoming system that will make your Blankos rarer, more unique, and even unlock new designs. When a Gem Rush activates for a Blanko, you will have the ability to progress to Premium Grades, Mint and Gem Mint. In order to do so, you’ll have to put your Blankos through a special process called Minting. Minting requires you to Fuse together two identical Blankos which are both EX (Excellent) & Level 5’s to get a MT (Mint). Simiarly, you’ll need two Mint Level 5’s to reach Gem Mint. The Gem Rush feature will create a brand new, boxed Blanko with a new issue number, new unique unlockables, like an alternate design and even unique visual effects.

These ultra-rare Blankos can only be Minted during a Gem Rush event, though, so keep an eye out for those events in-game. More detail on this will be revealed by Mythical Games in the future.

Gem Rush is not currently live but it is expected to be released around once marketplace has been launched, established, thriving and active.

Season 0 Unlock Structure

As you progress through your Blanko’s GradeUP Progression, here is everything you will unlock as you advance.

Note that the list below may differ for the N.O.O.B. & Trickle Blanko.

See this article about skills and styles for more information.

Fair – 10,000 XP per Level

  • Level 1 – Starting Level
  • Level 2 – + 1 Power Perk slot
  • Level 3 – Foundation Perk
    • Wrecker – Re-vibe
    • Tracer – Invigorated
    • Tanker – Vibe KO
  • Level 4 – 5000 Moola
  • Level 5 – Belt Accessory Slot
  • Grade Improvement Requirement – Spend 8 gumballs & 20,000 Moola or 1,000 Blanko Bucks.

Good – 14,000 XP per Level

  • Level 1 – +1 Foundation Perk Slot
  • Level 2 – 5,000 Moola
  • Level 3 – Wrist slot
  • Level 4 – Foundation Perk
    • Wrecker – Re-vibe
    • Tracer – Invigorated
    • Tanker – Vibe KO
  • Level 5 – Unlocks a Hidden Foundation Perk [Season 0]
  • Grade Improvement Requirement – Spend 12 gumballs & 25,000 Moola or 1,250 Blanko Bucks..

Excellent – 18,000 XP per Level

  • Level 1 – +1 Foundation Perk Slot
  • Level 2 – Foundation Perk
    • Wrecker – Eagle-Eyed
    • Tracer – Quick Comeback
    • Tanker – Eco-Vibe
  • Level 3 – Feet Accessory Slot
  • Level 4 – 100 Blanko Bucks
  • Level 5 – Unlocks a Hidden Foundation Perk [Season 0]

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