Leveling, GradeUP & Gem Rush

Like in many other video games, you can level up your Blankos by playing the game. Playing with your Blanko earns you experience (XP) which you can use to promote your Blanko through the GradeUP system. GradeUP is the tier up system for Blankos Block Party inspired by the real grading scale for rare collectibles. Alternatively you can use XP Chips, which you earn through progressing your Party Pass or in the Shop. Note that leveling is Blanko specific and is not tied to your account.

Every Blanko has three main Grades: Fair, Good & Excellent. Some Blankos will be able to progress to Premium Grades Mint & Gem Mint via the Gem Rush system.

Each Grade has 15 progressive levels that must be achieved before you can advance to the next Grade. Once you reach the top of Level 15 on any Grade you’ll have the chance to GradeUP to the next tier.

Blanko Grades:

  • Fair
  • Good
  • Excellent (EX)
  • Mint (MT) [Gem Rush] – Selective Blankos
  • Gem Mint [Gem Rush] – Selective Blankos

In order to advance from Grade to Grade, you must spend Gumballs and Moola or Blanko Bucks. This currency commitment will unlock the next tier of rewards you can unlock as you progress from Level 1-15 in that Grade. Note that prior to Early Access Patch 3 (30th September 2021), the levels were 1-5 for each Grade (as opposed to 1-15), however note that the total number of XP did not change, just the total number of levels.

If you have spent a gumball for a Blankos MashUp, the cost of grading up your Blanko will reduce by one. If you mashed up your Blanko using another Blanko, then the gumball cost does not change. Special thanks to members Yeesha & Ellarracy who pointed this out.

You can earn that sweet XP any way you prefer to hustle: playing Block Parties, completing gigs in The Junction, completing Party Pass challenges, and more. As you level up in each grade, you unlock new Perk slots, slots on your Blankos for Accessories, Hidden Perks, and even get some in-game currency. But that’s not the end of the road. Oh, no, let’s talk about Gem Rush.

Season 0 Unlock Structure

As you progress through your Blanko’s GradeUP Progression, here is everything you will unlock as you advance.

Note that the list below may differ for the N.O.O.B. & Trickle Blanko.

See this article about skills and styles for more information.

Fair – 50,000 XP total

The XP required to level up incrementally increases per level. I.e. from Fair lvl 1 to 2, it costs 700XP, but Fair lvl 13 to 14, takes 6500XP, and 14 to 15 takes 7000XP.

  • Level 1 – Starting Level
  • Level 2 – 200 Moola
  • Level 3 – 200 Moola
  • Level 4 – 200 Moola
  • Level 5 – + 1 Power Perk slot
  • Level 6 – 200 Moola
  • Level 7 – 200 Moola
  • Level 8 – 200 Moola
  • Level 9 – 200 Moola
  • Level 10 – Foundation Perk
  • Level 11 – 200 Moola
  • Level 12 – 200 Moola
  • Level 13 – 200 Moola
  • Level 14 – 300 Moola
  • Level 15 – Random Gumball
  • Grade Improvement Requirement – Spend 8 gumballs & 15,000 Moola or 750 Blanko Bucks.

Good – 70,000 XP total

  • Level 1 – +1 Foundation Perk Slot
  • Level 2 – 10 Blanko Bucks
  • Level 3 – 400 Moola
  • Level 4 – 400 Moola
  • Level 5 – 10 Blanko Bucks
  • Level 6 – 400 Moola
  • Level 7 – 400 Moola
  • Level 8 – Foundation Perk
  • Level 9 – 400 Moola
  • Level 10 – 400 Moola
  • Level 11 – 20 Blanko Bucks
  • Level 12 – 400 Moola
  • Level 13 – 400 Moola
  • Level 14 – Unlocks a Hidden Foundation Perk [Season 0]
  • Level 15 – Random Gumball
  • Grade Improvement Requirement – Spend 12 gumballs & 20,000 Moola or 1,000 Blanko Bucks..

Excellent – 90,000 XP total

  • Level 1 – +1 Foundation Perk Slot
  • Level 2 – 20 Blanko Bucks
  • Level 3 – 500 Moola
  • Level 4 – 500 Moola
  • Level 5 – Foundation Perk
  • Level 6 – 500 Moola
  • Level 7 – 500 Moola
  • Level 8 – 500 Moola
  • Level 9 – 20 Blanko Bucks
  • Level 10 – 500 Moola
  • Level 11 – 500 Moola
  • Level 12 – 20 Blanko Bucks
  • Level 13 – 1000 Moola
  • Level 14 – Unlocks a Hidden Foundation Perk [Season 0]
  • Level 15 – Random Gumball

Gem Rush

Gem Rush is a system that will make your Blankos rarer, more unique, and even unlock new bespoke designs. When a Gem Rush activates for a Blanko, you will have the ability to progress to the Premium Grades of Mint and Gem Mint. In order to do so, you’ll have to put your Blankos through a special process called Fusion.

Fusion requires you to Fuse together two identical Blankos which are both EX (Excellent) Level 15’s to get a Level 1 MT (Mint).

Simiarly, you’ll need two Mint Level 15’s to reach Gem Mint. The Gem Mint Blankos have a different design from Mint Blankos. They have new box art and unique visual effects not seen on Mint or normal Blankos!

The Gem Rush feature will create a brand new, boxed Blanko with a new issue number, new unique unlockables, like an alternate design and even unique visual effects. Note that during the Fusion, the original two Blankos will be consumed to produce the new Gem Rush Blanko. Therefore, Fusion burns the original Blankos from the Blockchain, making the remaining copies more scarce.

The Gem Rush Blankos thus will be ultra-rare and can only be Minted during a Gem Rush event, so be sure to keep an eye out for these events in-game and follow the official Blankos Block Party social media for the latest updates.

Keep in mind that, when fusing, your newly Minted Blanko’s class will be locked to the class of Blanko placed into the left side slot.

  • EX: If a Tracer EX LV15 goes into the first slot followed up with a Wrecker EX LV15, the newly Minted Blanko will be a Tracer class Blanko
  • This newly Minted Blanko will also have the Hidden Perks of the Tracer Blanko

The first Gem Rush was kicked off on December 9th, 2021 for the Blanko AT0M.ATN which produced the Blankos AT0M.atn.ERR & AT0M.atn.KM.

The Gem Rush for AT0M.atn will last 3 months, until March 3rd, 2022. On this date, the minting of Mint AT0M.atn.ERR and Gem Mint AT0M.atn.KM will be temporarily frozen. In the event that these two haven’t reached their full mint numbers, there is a chance that, at a later time, we resume minting until all available supplies are minted.

Keep in mind that AT0M.atn.ERR will have only 2000 mints. Once the Mint Blanko, AT0M.atn.ERR, has hit mint number 2000, no more new mints will be created, even if the supply doesn’t reflect the total number minted. The supply will slowly dwindle as AT0M.atn.ERR Blankos are being consumed to create Gem Mint AT0M.atn.KM. This Gem Mint Blanko will only be available until 200 have been mintedOnce we’ve hit 200 Gem Mint AT0M.atn.KM’s the block chain will be frozen!

Gem Rush – MT (Mint) Cost, XP Chart & Reward List

The following information was taken from the AT0M.ATN Gem Rush event.

  • Fuse Cost: 25,000 Moola or 1,250 Blanko Bucks + 16 Gumballs
  • Max Mint: 2,000

XP Chart + Rewards List – Mint

Unique Rewards

  • [Level 4] SFX – Damaged / Hit: AT0M.err_damage.SFX
  • [Level 7] New Shove Animation: AT0M.ram
  • [Level 13] New Shove VFX: AT0M.ram.SPRX
  • [Level 15] New Run Trail: AT0M.pxl_BURN.VFX

Gem Rush – GM (Gem Mint) Cost, XP Chat & Reward List

The following information was taken from the AT0M.ATN Gem Rush event.

  • Fuse Cost: 30,000 Moola or 1,500 Blanko Bucks + 20 Gumballs
  • Max Mint: 200

XP Chart + Rewards List – Gem Mint

Unique Rewards

  • [Level 4] Exclusive Emote: System_overload
  • [Level 7] New Run Animation: turbo.Run
  • [Level 10] SFX – KO, Fall, Respawn: AT0m.KM_crash.sfx
  • [Level 13] New Run Trail: AT0M.pxl_BURN.VFX (Deluxe)
  • [Level 15] Exclusive Jet Pack: AT0M.atk Propulsor_Pack

Mythical Games notes regarding Gem Rush feature

In the future, Mythical Games will open up Gem Rush for more Blankos, however, they are constantly trying to improve this feature and there may be some changes to this system over time. Future Gem Rushes will be iterative—this means that they’ll make tweaks to the feature until they find the mechanics that offer you the best experience.

Some examples of event structures that they are considering:

  • Phased Gem Rushes, where there are multiple windows to Gem Rush a Blanko until the mints are hit
  • Gem Rushes that only close when issue number limits are met
  • Gem Rushes that have no limits besides the amount of Blankos available

Each Blanko is unique and each Gem Rush rewards and structure will aim to factor in those special qualities.

Mythical Games are very excited to finally share this feature and some more details with you! Look forward to even more amazing updates and, hopefully, some more Gem Rushes in the new year. Thank you for your continued support of Mythical Games and Blankos Block Party in Early Access.

So how much does it cost to upgrade to EX15 & Gem Mint?

Don’t worry about the math, we have you covered. Check out our guide here for more details!

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    • the new system gives more rewards in the form of gumballs, moola and bb. it isnt meant to be easy, which is why this will work. it will also encourage burning nfts, making the remaining ones more valuable.

    • i agree that gumballs are a problem. i was hoping the costume parade would help get gumballs but no, you can only get one that way. i have 2 maxed out good blankos but never moved up to an excellent so ive spent a total of 16 gumballs since i started in august. i still dont have enough gumballs to move a single blanko to excellent. it would be ok if i had to buy a couple but my moola has to go towards leveling up. they need to find a better way to get gumballs into players hands. the XP boost is good but only a part of the solution. so, i do agree with you on the leveling cost, for whatever it is worth.

      • yeah gumballs and leveling is really difficult at the moment and the gumball barrier is definitely not great. There was once an event where they gave you heaps of gumballs for doing daily quests, it was enough to get you to excellent, but I’m not sure if they will do that again.

  • the new system gives more rewards in the form of gumballs, moola and bb. it isnt meant to be easy, which is why this will work. it will also encourage burning nfts, making the remaining ones more valuable.
    the xp boost during October will help greatly also. plan to play Blankos for 4 hours on Monday Wednesday and Friday

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