Grand Gambit

‘Grand Gambit’ is a game of both skill and chance. Rolling dice, roulette chips, a chessboard and playing cards set the theme for this fast-paced vibe collect block. Focus on your moves, jumping and strategy to collect the 75 vibes scattered across the map before the time runs out!

Type: Vibe Collect
Players: 2-12
Time: 190 seconds

Gameplay Video

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  • This map is packed with details. Phenomenal piece of art! The concept of famous tabletop games including chess, dice, and trump cards are truely unique. You have really amazing talent in building, I hope you continue to build more of these amazing maps.

  • The chess pieces are really something else, great attention to detail and so are the cards, the suits, the hands and the poker chips! I just tried it out, it’s a lot harder than I thought, didn’t manage to climb some of them, so couldn’t get some vibes. I like how you placed a speed boost all along the chess board to make it super fast on the floor? But then there’s some fans in the area that are hidden? Use of these fans makes it feel quite clunky and ‘laggy’ in a way, was the idea of the fans to help you jump up?

    • Cheers for the feedback! No fans, just one large speed boost that covers the floor area, set just below. I wasn’t sure about the speed boost but i didn’t want to add individual boosters and felt it was too slow down low. It’s definitely much easier to jump up without the speed boost although i feel it adds a fun fast paced element to it, as well as a bit of magic :). I’ll have to play it again a couple of times to see what you mean about it being clunky and laggy because i hadn’t really noticed that on the tests yesterday. I’ve reduced the time of the booster to 0.1, making it easier than before to hop onto the pawns without speeding off them.

      I wanted it to be fairly challenging so people can really focus on their jumps. It takes a bit of skill to hop up onto the pawns with the boost, and also to jump onto some of the dice and chips, and there’s a couple of different ways to get up to the top which means you might get to one point on the dice and think you can’t jump across but in fact you just need to find another route.

      I may add more time, what do you think?

  • Love this map! It’s so creative and the chess pieces are really amazing. I got 64 the first try with levitate and the skill that brings the vibes to me. The leaderboard doesn’t seem to be working though. It doesn’t show that anyone has played. Trying it again now! Great job on this map.

    • Hi Bayyles. The leaderboard for this map is empty because no one has completed the 75 vibes yet but I’ve seen several players in this map before. But in some instances yes the empty leaderboard could mean it hasn’t been played. Depends on what map requirements are in place. Hope that helps 🙂 …update: when creators update or change their map the leaderboard clears too.

    • Haha yayy that’s great. It’s like the next challenge up from whale miner and you keep going at it. I need to brush up on my parkour skills and attempt it again. The level of detail is insane and I like how all the dice and chips are falling.

    • glad to hear everyone is finding this a bit challenging. It’s a shame when a map is too easy and you only end up playing through it once, especially after the work has gone into the design. i hope these maps stick around and keep people interested. Definitely enjoying the speedy vibe collect trials…thinking about making a race with laps next.

      Hope you manage to get the 75! I’ve completed it a couple of times now in under 3 minutes without skills. Would be awesome if we could add difficulty to our maps, like 3 set times for easy medium and hard.

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