How do I ‘Play to Earn’ in Blankos Block Party?

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Blankos Block Party is a game which incorporates elements of Play to Earn but how does it work? We’ve answered a list of common questions to help you understand.

A special thanks to @henwithatie for setting the foundation of this article. If you have any questions relating to the game, be sure to also visit our normal FAQ for more information about Blankos Block Party.

What is Play to Earn?

The “play-to-earn” movement is an emerging phenomenon in gaming, wherein players collect rewards in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) within a game and later convert them to real cash.

How do I earn in Blankos Block Party?

Blankos Block Party provides players with a free Party Pass including an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Party Passes are seasonal and reward you as your play the game by completing set challenges. There are three types of challenges, daily, weekly and seasonal. Finishing Challenges will increase progression on the Party Pass, eventually unlocking small amounts of Blanko Bucks and NFT item/s. An example is the first Party Pass NFT from Season 0, Sergeant Poppy. If you save up those Blanko Bucks, you can eventually purchase an NFT from the in game store.

You can also participate in events like Build Challenges to earn NFTs. All NFT items can be sold to other players in the Mythical Marketplace. Currently the Marketplace is in Extended Alpha and only users in US, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany can currently sell items.

How do I check my challenges?

Once you’ve downloaded and logged into the game, you view your challenges by going your Party Pass Menu by pressing the Esc key in-game.

I joined late and I couldn’t get a particular NFT!

Unfortunately, that NFT can no longer be earned but don’t worry, you can still pick it up in the Mythical Marketplace.

Also, the Party Pass resets to a new one every season with different rewards so you’ll be able to earn in the next season’s Party Pass. In the challenges tab you can check when the current season’s Party Pass ends.

Are my Accessories or Blankos NFTs?

You can check an item’s NFT status by the following: In game, go to Esc -> Shelf and click on a Blanko to check if there is an NFT tag on the top-right corner.

You can go to the Accessories tab to check the NFT status of your accessories. – You can check NFT status of items in the in-game shop by locating the NFT tag.

Any items bought with Moola are not NFTs.

Most items in the Party Pass are not NFTs.

Consumables like Gumballs and XP Chips are not NFTs.

If you have access to the Mythical Marketplace, you can also check your Blankos/Accessory NFT there as well as their mint #.

Can I get free Blankos NFTs from events?

Yes, Mythical Games has given away NFTs in the past for various special events. These have included the 2021 E3 Stream, FoLS Build Challenge, Valentine’s Build Challenge, Winter Build Challenge, Frostbyte Event, Early Signups (Camo J & Billy A Bones) etc.

To ensure you don’t miss another opportunity, make sure you follow the official PlayBlankos on Twitter or Discord. The Blankos Junction Discord also links to the official Blankos annoucements

Is there a token/coin/cryptocurrency for Blankos?

No, there is currently no token, coin of cryptocurrency for Blankos. Blanko Bucks are a form of in-game currency exchanged for fiat, and Moola are the in-game grind currency.

What is the marketplace & how do I get access?

The Mythical Marketplace is a peer 2 peer player-owned market where you can sell your NFT Blankos and Accessories. Mythical Games will take a percentage of the transaction fees.

The marketplace is currently in Extended Alpha which means anyone with a valid Blankos account not in an OFAC sanctioned country can now access the marketplace and buy items from other players. Only users in US, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany can currently sell items.

Follow these steps to access the marketplace:

Is my Blanko/Accessory valuable?

If your Blanko/Accessory is an NFT, then it can be resold and thus holds value. The value however is based on demand and can depend on a multitude of factors, such as Serial Number, Total Quantity(scarcity), Event/Distribution, Age, Initial Price, Art Detail, Skill Tree and Level, Artist/Collab, Backstory, Boxed/Unboxed, MashUP design and Matching Accessories.

Does unboxing my Blankos devalue it?

Unboxing your Blanko can devalue or increase value depending on what you do with it. Things to consider:

  • Unboxing a Blanko is permanent. You cannot put Blankos back in the box.
  • You must choose a skill tree available in the current season when you unbox it.
  • You can level up/GradeUp your Blanko using Moola, Gumballs and XP Chips after you unbox it.
  • You can use the Blanko in MashUPs to change up it’s color or use it to mash other Blankos after you unbox it.

Which token standard does Blankos use?

Blankos Block Party is expected to be using a token standard of their own creation called dGoods which was developed by Mythical Games. dGoods is an open source and free standard for handling the virtual representation of items, both digital and physical, on the EOS blockchain led by Mythical Games. It is aimed at providing ownership and liquidity of digital goods on blockchain. dGoods is compatible across a growing number of blockchains with functionality that allows teams to easily create rich digital item economies.

At the moment is it expected that for Blankos Block Party, the dGoods standard will be tied to the EOS main chain. For more information on dGoods, visit Mythical Games has stated that they are blockchain agnostic and may adjust this in the future based on the market.

Mythical Games has also stated that they’re aiming to launch a bridge to ETH mainnet after the Open Beta as well.

If this is a Blockchain game, how do I access my Private Keys?

In interviews, Mythical Games said that for the time being they are the custodians of the private keys etc for your Blankos to try to assist the onboarding process and bring on mainstream adoption but later on you shall have access to those keys and then you will be free to sell on the Mythical Marketplace. Blankos Block Party is focused on being a AAA game with blockchain integration, rather than a full blockchain game.

Mythical Games has also stated that they’re aiming to launch a bridge to ETH mainnet after the Open Beta as well.

Where are these NFTs stored then?

Blankos NFTs are linked to your account and stored on a Private EOS Blockchain as Mythical Games scale up the game. In parallel, they are working on ways to connect to public chains after launch to allow players to use their own wallets and private keys to store their Blankos NFTs.

Mythical Games has also stated that they’re aiming to launch a bridge to ETH mainnet after the Open Beta as well.

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