How much does it cost to get to EX15 & to Gem Rush?

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With the recent Gem Rush event, you may be wondering how much it would cost to get to EX15 without playing the game or how much is your EX15 is really worth. What about Gem Rush? Mint? Gem Mint? Blankos Junction has done the math so you don’t have to!

We’ve tabulated all the data down below, but if you’d like a breakdown of how they were calculated, check out our other article here on Leveling, GradeUps & Gem Rushing. Also, to learn more about XP chips, Gumballs, Blanko Bucks and Moola, check out our consumables page.

Note that the information and calculations below follow these assumptions:

  • The costs presented below are accurate as of December 27th, 2021 and may be different due to later updates in the game.
  • Cost for 10,000XP (5 x 2000 XP) Chip is 500 Blankos Bucks which is equal to $5.00
  • Rewards for GradeUPs include the Gumball & Moola rewards for leveling up (See brackets). Negative values are rewards (i.e. opposite to cost).
  • It does not is include small Blanko Bucks rewards for up to EX15.
  • Cost of Blanko not included in cost breakdown.
  • Gumball cost equal to 300 Blanko Bucks which is equal to $3.00 USD each.
  • Moola Cost from Shop remains at 500 Blanko Bucks for 10,000 Moola which is equivalent to $5.00USD.
  • No bulk Blanko Buck discount considered in the table above.

Excellent Lvl 15 Cost

Upgrade PathXPGumball CostMoola Cost
Fair lvl 15 -> Good lvl 150,0007
(15,000 – 2,300)
Good lvl 15 > Excellent lvl 170,00011
(20,000 – 3,200)
Excellent LVL 1-> Excellent lvl 1590,000(-1)(-4,500)
(35,000 – 4,500)
Cost to buy (USD) – Base rate (no discounts):$105.00$51.00$15.25

Therefore the total cost to get one Blanko from Fair level 1 to EX15 would cost you $171.25 USD if you were to just pay to level it up!

What about Gem Rush Costs?

Great question! We’ve also calculated the total cost for Gem Rush, based on the information from the first Gem Rush for AT0M.atn. Note that as Gem Rush is a new feature, that these may change in the future. If you aren’t sure what Gem Rush is, check out this article: Leveling, GradeUps & Gem Rushing .

Mint Cost

To perform the first Gem Rush, you’ll need 2 x EX15 Blankos. We’ve calculated the total cost starting from nothing to get to Mint excluding the cost of the 2 initial Blankos. The cost for Mint lvl 1 is $403 USD! To push it further & get to Mint lvl 15, it’ll cost you $421.00 USD total, so only $18 more due to the rewards for leveling the Mint!

DescriptionXPGumball CostMoola Cost
Total Quantity for 2 x EX15420,0003461,000
Fuse Cost (2 x EX15 -> Mint lvl 1)1625,000
Cost (USD) for 1 x Mint Lvl 1 $210.00$150.00$43.00
Mint lvl 1 -> Mint lvl 15110,000(-4)(-2,500 Blanko Bucks =
-50,000 Moola)
Total Cost for 1 x Mint lvl 15530,0004636,000
Cost (USD) for 1 x Mint Lvl 15$265.00$138.00$18.00
Gem Rush Blankos Block Party

Gem Mint Cost

To perform a Gem Mint, you’ll need 2 x Mint Lvl 15 Blankos. We’ve calculated the total cost starting from nothing to get to Gem Mint lvl 1 (excluding the cost of the 2 initial Blankos) which is equal to $917.00 USD! If you want to go all the way to Gem Mint Lvl 15 (GM15), as you’ll get Blanko Bucks & Gumballs as rewards, it’ll cost a total of $944.00 USD!

DescriptionXPGumball CostMoola Cost
Total Quantity for 2 x Mint lvl 151,060,0009272,000
Fuse Cost (2 x Mint lvl 15 -> Gem Mint lvl 1)2030,000
Total Cost for Gem Mint lvl 11,060,000112102,000
Cost to buy (USD) for Gem Mint lvl 1$530.00$336.00$51.00
Gem Mint Lvl 1 -> Gem Mint lvl 15130,000(-12)(-10,000 Blanko Bucks =
-200,000 Moola)
Cost (USD) for GM1 -> GM15 $65.00-$36.00-$100.00
Overall Cost -> GM15$595.00$300.00-$49.00

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