Not much information is currently available on this at this time. The community has temporarily named it ‘I Am NFR’, a name similar to the Blanko I Am Rare, however as the back of this Blanko has ‘Not For Resale’ on it, this seemed fitting. This Blanko was discovered by dappstars who let us know via Discord. A theory from member ‘Yeesha’ is that I Am NFR was repaired with parts of their body made up from another broken Blanko and so this one is loved by its owner and gave a lot of happy childhood memories.

I Am NFR can be seen in this video below around the 3:55 mark.

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  • I think we should rename this one “I am Dirty” instead. I think there is a reason some of these Blankos never made it to the big time. Like Hornless Dazzle and Orange Head – not too impressive. Ha!

  • I actually like this Blanko. I think it’s a shame if it doesn’t make it into the game. Maybe it can’t because of it’s name? A Blanko named Not For Resale with the marketplace coming up…
    I don’t know.

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