I Need Your Love… Potion

I Need Your Love… Potion is a level all about collecting items on a wizard’s checklist in return for a love potion to give to the princess of Heartville. This includes catching butterflies, taking a swan egg from a happy swan couple, capturing a dark heart (these are the fallen angel equivalent to the heart citizens in the sky), and picking flowers from the levitating pieces of earth. After you collect your potion you fly your way through Heartville to the princess and successfully deliver the love potion.

There are three wizards that help you on your journey:

  1. The green wizard summons speed boosts to help quicken your journey.
  2. The blue wizard levitates objects in the air to allow you to collect the flowers and to hop from rock to rock to get to the pink wizard’s house.
  3. The pink wizard guides you through the level with pink arrows and is responsible for the placing of the vibe circles around the map that replenish your stamina and give you the energy needed to complete the level.

Gameplay Video

8 Responses

  • The images don’t do this party justice! I had so much fun playing this one, really well done JDN! I loved the story, how the wizards guide you and how you see the princess at the start and at the end. I wouldn’t have noticed that the start was jumping and catching butterflies unless you told me, they were all different colors and it was really smart to use the green boosts to let you jump to get them. Super clever. I loved the little details! The Swans, the butterflies, the waterfall, the scenery, the rainbows, the little heart men and the wizards! The transition from the wings to the jetpack was really smart and kept the party fresh. Felt like it’s own little world. The map felt huge but you always knew where you were going. I’ve uploaded a video of my gameplay to let others see what it’s like! Keep up the great work JDN!

  • By far this has been one of my favourite blocks to exist in Blankos Block Party. The block starts off with a nice ground obstacle course with floating checkpoints that aren’t too difficult for beginners. The storytelling with characters and props is adorable, with the speech bubbles. 10/10 for the ideas! The tents, houses, terrain and clouds all came together perfectly to create a peaceful atmosphere. The creative and diverse use of props and textures allowed the block to shine.
    My favourite thing about this map is how there are many checkpoints, props and interactives but the map was organized very nicely, allowing players to easily understand where to go next. The rainbows on the clouds managed to do this without ruining the aesthetic too much.
    Overall, this build is flawless! I am looking forward to playing more of your maps, jdn.

  • This is simply one of the greatest maps ever created with the Blankos medium. The sheer creativity brings me back to when I was a child. The custom made assets really is the icing on the cake and ties it all together. As well as how the story arc is presented with NO WORDS but , when playing the player can truly appreciate the time that took to create the story and the whole map overall. A TRUE MASTERPEICE THAT SHOULD BE HELD AS ONE OF THE BEST BLANKO LEVELS EVER!

  • When you play a map and it has the professional build and look that this map has it is impossible to not like it! The first time I came across this map it kicked my butt.. I couldn’t get past the very first flying part.. but as I got better at the game and played this map more and more I just got better and better.. Looking forward to seeing what additional content you you come up with!

    P.s. JDN is a beast at the game haha

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