King of The Hill

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Capture the Hill for as Long as Possible while not Letting others around! Chose from the 3 teams; Thunder Strikers, Desert Rulers, and Buff Cloudies.
Select a Team and Choose a Gun such as Rail Gun(Basic) or look around for the Assult rifle (Common) or the RPG (Rare) Marked by the Moving Arrows. Fly straight of with the wings (Basic) or look for the Jetpack.
Try to Look for the Hidden Easter Egg Available on one of the teams.

Video Walkthrough

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  • Unfortunately I couldn’t get enough people on to play this map, but I ran through to have a look. I love the concept! The three teams were really well thought out, the weapon placement in the lobby was great too which outlined which weapons were basic, common and rare. Can’t wait to try it with others! Buff cloudies made me chuckle.


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