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Early Access Edition! Klown is happy hiding here. Klown just cannot face their fears. Klown will make you laugh and cheer As long as Klown can’t see a mirror.

Artist: Kronk;
Season: 00, Early Access;
Price at release: 1000 Blanko Bucks / $9.99 USD;
Rarity: 12136;
Sold in store: 2nd September 2021 3pm PDT – 30th September;

Prior to official release

Before Klown was official announced, the presence of Klown was known but the name was not confirmed. The community temporarily named it ‘Clowny’. Clowny was discovered by dappstars who let us know via Discord. Clowny is our made up name for him, this Blanko’s actual name is not yet confirmed. The artist is speculated to be Kronk due to the similarity of the mouth to Beast Mode. Member ‘Yeesha’ has also nicknamed him ‘Jerry the Clown’. Leaked information for a list of Blanko Names potentially suspects that this Blanko may be named Kronkklown. Special thanks to @pixelhero59 for pointing this out.

Kronkklown / Clowny can be seen in this video below around the 8:15 mark.

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