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Early Access Junction

Private & Open Beta Junction

The Junction

This is the main hub or social space of Blankos Block Party and the first location you will go to, it’s home to all the other locations excluding the user generated levels.

The Junction is a social space made of vinyl floating in the sky – no one knows where it came from or who built it, but the Blankos have been going there for as long as any of them can remember. The Junction is a space that begs to be explored – if you can see it, you can reach it, although the trick is to figure out how to get there.

The Junction also is home to some helpful NPCs. One of which is the the Shaman who will keep track of various achievements and hand out any rewards earned over the course of the game.

The Depot

The Depot is the first main area of the game where you can jump into party portals to quick start a single player trail and multiplayer party. You can also look at seasonal content and browse the available user-generated content. This is likely where you’ll spend most of your time.

The Range

Inside the Depot, is the range where you can practice your shooting.

Vibe wall

Home of the Shaman, the vibe wall lets you test your wall jumping skills.

The Bizaar

Home of the store which will host all the in game marketplaces.

The store

The store is the the primary Blanko Shop where you’ll be able to buy new Blankos and accessories. These will be limited to whichever season it is currently. Loot boxes will not be a thing in Blankos Block Party, you buy the Blanko and accessories that you like.


The Party Bus

The Party Bus is used to transport your Blanko to and from the Junction and the user created levels. You can access the Party Bus via the main menu (ESC) key.

The Shelf

This is where you browse your collection, choose your skill tree, equip your Blanko and apply your skill points. Your Blankos will be displayed in their own cubes on the shelf and when selected will display what you’ve collected for that specific Blanko.

When selected, you can browse through the various accessories and emotes that you own and customize your Blanko to your liking. You can access the Shelf via the main menu (ESC) key.

Chomp Stack Hill

Chomp Stack Hill is a mountain made of Junk food



It is not known what this is for yet as it is currently under construction


Vender Blender

Currently under construction. This is the expected location for the Blending Mechanic.


There is not much going on in Uptown yet, however it is a nice place to run around.

The Cloud

Up in the sky, with a great view of The Junction as well as Happy Mountain!

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