Lost Temple

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A lost temple themed map with moving blocks (my first with the new props). Collect 360 vibes in 360 seconds as you make your way through the depths of the temple rooms to the finish line by the hidden treasure chest. FOLS challenge entry.

Type: Race/Vibe Collect
Time: 6 minutes
Players: 2-12

Gameplay Video

4 Responses

  • I gotta admit, this level frustrated me the first two times I played it. Those moving blocks were too fast for a double jump but once I knew what to do, it was okay. The moving lava at the start was really well used. I really felt like I was walking into a temple and there was danger lurking ahead. The light reflecting the shadow on the wall before the jump was a nice touch! I loved the little coffin, the great use of moving blocks to make platforms, the various lifts and great hidden nooks of vibes. When I got to the treasure (After playing the map for 6 or so times consecutively, I felt the sense of acomplishment!). The chest was so nice and well made. Then when I finished, I didn’t get all the vibes! Oh well, means I have to try it again next time. Really really clever use of moving objects, great work as always jhcosmics, blew me away with the kinds of parties you manage to make.

    • Ha! I know what you mean by it being a bit frustrating sometimes but just trying to keep everyone on their toes :P. As you say, once you realise the double jump doesnt work great it becomes a lot easier. Glad you liked the map @admin, thanks a lot for the in-depth feedback as always! Peace

    • Cheers @sandyman17 ! It’s a tough map to complete in the beginning but hopefully some fun for the exploration aspect of collecting the vibes with the moving blocks. Quite proud of that starting part with the sun beaming through 🙂 Trying to be a bit more conscious of where the sun/moon are when I begin my maps.


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