Love Drop <3

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A race block?! From Scrappy? Who woulda thought…

That’s right ladies and gentlemen introducing “Love Drop” a new race map by yours truly. For this block, i went with function > form. Well except for the awesome starting area. I tried pushing Blankos to the limits to design something unique and life-like. I wanted this map to feel alive. Movement was key along with some neat lighting tricks to really give off a vibe no one has seen before. After the awesome lobby, you will put your skills to the test in a dropper portion of the map followed by a few other fun race types that I have thrown in. I really wanted this map to be fun and have a unique visual style to it!

Note: The name of the map in game is; “Love Drop <3” but just searching “Love Drop” should pull it up.

Anyway let me know what you think and shout out to everyone who helped me out in the streams building this!

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