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Cryo Complex - [Winter Challenge] - Hen

...Venturing through the tunnel you find a frozen landscape. Everything is set still, as if it were frozen in time. No living creature in sight. You investigate the strange, complex palace in hopes to...

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Blankos Builder Enthusiast

I don't Watch Hentai.

Hello! My name is HenWithATie.

I love building in Blankos, as well as competing in build challenges.

Each block I create takes around 40 hours to complete using 100% of the build limit.

If you have any questions about building, hear my advice, want my review on your new block, or simply have a conversation, message me anytime! HenWithATie#3508

[Build Achievements]

1St Place - Winter Build Challenge

Top 10 - Valentine's Build Challenge

Top 10 - FoLS Build Challenge

Created a Map for the Tutorial

Creator of the Block Budget List

Recreated Unlimited Block Budget Bug

The first implementation of invisible lava

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