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Featured Post

Lost Souls - FOLS Challenge

Ok Blankos! Here is my submission for the FOLS Build Challenge! Our lost soul is on the rise from the dark beginnings of our universe! With the help of The Finder we must gather...

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Lost Souls – FOLS Challenge

Moonlight Mountain

Cloud Surfin’

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Blankos Block Party | Moonlight Mountain by Shanobie

Hey Blankos! This is my latest video on my first Vibe Collect build! Go check it out and subscribe for all my future builds!

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Blankos Builder and YouTuber

Hey Blankos! My name is Shanobie and I'm a Blankos Builder with my own YouTube channel! You can check out all of my build videos by clicking on the link below! I'm happy to be here and can not wait to see what this becomes! If anyone has any suggestions or ideas that they would like me to build, go ahead and leave me a comment and I will try my best to do that build! I have building experience in games like Arma 3, Minecraft & Fall out 4 just to name a few.

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