Mixing & Mashing

Customize your Blankos in two ways: Mixing and Mashing. Mixing means you’re customizing a single Blanko using a Gumball. Gumballs are a collectible that can be earned through the Party Pass or bought in the Shop. Want your Fathomz to be hot pink? Or your N.O.O.B. to have dazzling new hues? Gumballs can help you there.

Mashing is the process of sampling the bits and pieces from one Blanko and splicing those characteristics into another Blanko to create a new, custom Blanko. The only change to the new Blanko will be the color palette, and you won’t lose the other Blanko.

If you want to customize even further, why not try both? Mix a MashUP with a gumball! Mash two MashUPs together! The sky’s the limit, and you’ve got a jetpack on.

MashUPs will be irreversible, but the good news is you can preview the MashUP before committing the change. There is a cost to MashUP your Blanko, so this will need to be something you really want to do. There are some Blankos that will not be available for MashUPs.

Mixing & Mashing via the Vendor Blender was implemented into Blankos Block Party on June 2nd, 2021.

Note that Mashing or MashUPs replace the feature formally known as Blending.


When making changes to a Blanko inside of the MashUP building these changes are permanent with no way to reverse. Be certain you want these changes to happen before you commit to them; The Mythical Games customer support will not be able to revert the changes to your Blanko.

Reach out to the community for inspiration for a new look if you don’t like your current one. Join the community and create incredible Blankos together!

When doing a MashUP, colors will be algorithmically applied to the Splice Blanko. After previewing a MashUP, the result will be held for 24 hours before a new preview can be generated. After that 24 hour period, a new MashUP will be created when you bring that same Splice into the MashUP building. If a MashUP is applied to the Blanko, the timer will be reset and a new MashUP preview can be created.

If you like the result, be sure to finalize the MashUP before the 24 hours is up.

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