Orson Rex

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Artist: Jon-Paul Kaiser
Event: SXSW 2019
Rarity: 666 in existence
Description: Orson Rex has been in that suit so long, no one even remembers what kind of creature he is. Some say he started wearing it because he contracted some weird disease that only affects panda bears. Others say he’s an interdimensional fox and his suit protects him from the Junction’s atmosphere.

This Blanko was hidden away inside booster packs given out during the SXSW event in March 2019.

Social Media Description: Orson Rex is new to the Blankos gang and won’t be staying for too long, as he’s quite bearish. However, he’s ready to party in his Blankos jumpsuit for the night. If you don’t see him at the party, he’ll probably be around the next day eating your leftover pizza.

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