Parkour-Vibe Collect – Cactusking

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Parkour-Vibe Collect is a small parkour party with a rocky theme. With its 10 minute match length, players can take it at whatever pace they like. Go as fast as you can and try to set a new record, or just take it slow and chill with friends the choice is yours. 

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  • Hey, just tried out this level. Would have been nice if we could go into that grassy area. I like the waiting area where you kind of get use to jumping as you wait for other players. This map is really good at testing your jumping skills! I’ll post up a video and you can see me playing it. I got stuck for a bit on the fan until I figured it out. Good use of objects for jumping.

    • Thank you for the kind words and I’m happy you enjoyed the map! The grassy area you mentioned is where you start the race, so you can be there. Unless I am misunderstanding what you were referring to.


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