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Season 00

  • Party Pass
    free: Sergeant Poppy (Blanko)
  • Party Pass Extension; first announcement; additional information
    free: T.O.A.S.T. Jetpack (Glider)
  • Hustle & Glow; first announcement
    free: Neon Prong Bracelet (wrist), Electric Green Crossbody Bag (body), Incandescend Shades (mask), UV Sneaks (shoes), Luster Buckle Beanie (hat), Hustle & Glow Glider (glider), Cabinet_Man.exe (Blanko)
  • Grave Rave; first announcement
    free: Mummy Mitts (wrist), Egyptian Cotton Belt (body), Mumford (Blanko), Beanie of the Embalmed (hat)
    PP+ $24.99: Deadward (Blanko), Frankenbeanie (hat), Wreak Havoc Kicks (shoes), The Body Snatcher (glider), Astrid Havoc (Blanko)
  • Manila Chill
    free: Gelid’s Blessing (wrist), Gelid’s Honor (neck), Gelid Zero (Blanko), Gelid’s Horns (hat)
    PP+ $24.99: Mach-63 (Blanko), Mach-63 Gauntlet (wrist), Mach-63 Lodi Kicks (shoes), Mach-63 Light Striker Glider (glider), Manila Killa (Blanko)
  • Get Lucky
    free: Scarlet’s Nian Cape (back/no glider), Scarlet’s Nian Mask (mask hiding some hats), Lucky Red Kerchief (neck), Scarlet Crash (Blanko)
    PP+ $24.99: Tygra (Blanko), Jin’s Lucky Koi Amulet (neck), Jin’s Lucky Kicks (shoes), The Grandmaster Rocket (glider), Grandmaster Jin (Blanko)
  • Blanko Brawl Pre-Game
  • Blanko Brawlers
    free: Brawler’s Hand Wraps (wrist), Knockout Chest Guard (body), Katana’s Hachimaki (hat), Katana (Blanko)
    PP+ $24.99: Nelson (Blanko), South Paw Sneaks (shoes), Brawl Champ Belt (body), Punch Up Parachute (glider), South Paw (Blanko)
  • Summer Camp Slam
    free: Sage’s S’more Trekkers (shoes), BCF Bracelets (wrist), Camp Craft Flower Crown (hat), Lead Counselor Sage (Blanko)
    PP+ $24.99: Counselor Blaze (Blanko), Tenderfoot’s Squidgeon Pal (wrist), Tenderfoot’s Crocket Cap (hat), Roasted Mallow Rocket Pack (glider), Tenderfoot (Blanko)
  • Snack Attack
    free: Honey Bun’s Sweet Jimmies (wrist), Savory Side Swag (neck), Sal’s Crispy Crossbody (body), Pep (Blanko)
    PP+ $24.99: Honey Bun (Blanko), Sweet Bun Beret (hat), Strawberry Short-Steps (shoes), Angel Food Wings (glider), Sweet Gaze (Blanko)
  • Mind the Gap

Season 01

  • I Know What You Did Last Grave Rave (First Pass in Season 1)
    free: Bear Bite Bracer (wrist), Rat Pelt Belt (body), Edd (hat), Frankie (Blanko)
    PP+ $14.99: Drak (Blanko), Drak’s Batwing Shades (mask), Wolf Chowduh (back/no glider), Drak’s Unholy Batpack (glider), Raulf (Blanko)
  • Pardon Our Dust
    free: Visage (Blanko) with continued mint numbers
  • Cosmic Groove
    free: Cassiopeia (Blanko), Cosmic Creepers (shoes), Orbital Bracelet (wrist), Orion’s Belt (body)
    PP+ $14.99: Captain Adhara (Blanko), Adhara’s Helm (hat), Hesperiad’s Gyre (neck), The Adhara Flyer (glider), Hesperiad (Blanko)
  • Bizaarnival!
    free: Foole (Blanko), Carnival Wrist Twist (wrist), Bizaarnival Beads (neck), Foole’s Cap ‘N Bells (hat)
    PP+ $14.99: La Plume (Blanko), Glamor Guise (mask), La Plume’s Satinfeather Fan (left hand?), Wings of Festivia (glider), Festivia (Blanko)

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