Party Pass & Seasonal Challenges

The Party Pass is the a way to earn rewards just for playing the game. It is similar to a ‘Battle Pass’ feature in other video games.

The Party Pass consists of Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Challenges that will unlock Hype Points. As you collect these Hype Points, you’ll advance in your Party Pass, unlocking new accessories, Moola, Blanko Bucks, Gumballs, XP Chips, Emotes, and even Blankos! The Accessories and Blankos are NFTs which can be listed on the Mythical Marketplace. The Party Pass feature was implemented into Blankos Block Party on June 2nd, 2021, at 3pm PDT.

The Party Pass features both a free and paid path (Party Pass+). The paid path was first introduced in the 4th Party Pass – Grave Rave.

Note that all Challenges reset at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST / 17:00 UTC and Weekly & Seasonal Challenges reset on Wednesdays. Completing all Dailies and all Weeklies will grant you bonus rewards including a Hidden Random Gumball.

The below shows an overview of the Party Passes from Season 0. For an update list of party passes summarizing links from the official links, refer to Yeesha’s post here.

Season 00

Party Pass 1 (Jun 2nd 2021)

Party Pass 1 Extension, Controversy

On the 17th of July, Mythical Games announced that the Season 0 Party Pass was to be extended until August 24th and that they were adding 20 more tiers to the Party Pass. This means that more Daily, Weekly and Seasonal Challenges are added which means that there are an significant boost in total Hype Points for this season which would create more opportunity for players to get the NFT Blanko, Sergeant Poppy.

To soften the blow for the users who already spent countless hours grinding for Sergeant Poppy, Mythical Games also added another NFT to the Party Pass, The Toaster Backpack which is a functional glider unlocked at tier 80. It’s a similar flight accessory to the Hotdog Backpack, but it’s toasty! The extended Party Pass means more rewards such as more non-NFT cosmetics, emotes, gumballs, and in-game currency.

The reason for the update as quoted by Mythical Games:

We’re doing this because we’ve taken a look at all your feedback from the Early Access launch and based on that input we’ve been refining the way the Party Pass works (as seen with the recent adjustments), as well as refocusing our efforts on addressing other key areas of the game. Based on community feedback, there are still some places the game needs to improve and we want to take the time to address those issues. We really appreciate your passion and dedication to Blankos so far, and we want to continue working with you to make it the best game possible!

The decision to extend this party pass was a surprise to many players and the reaction was mixed. Although more players could now obtain Sergeant Poppy, it was not received well from a few dedicated players who expressed their concerns via Discord. These players had spent multiple hours grinding for Sergeant Poppy due to the rarity and difficulty in attaining him. One Sergeant Poppy even sold for ~$1100 USD on the first day that he was attainable and it was thought that this extension devalues Sergeant Poppy due to the increased supply.

Party Pass 1 Extension Cancellation

After the mixed response seen from the Season 0 Party Pass Extension announcement , Mythical Games listened to it’s fanbase and decided to cancel the Party Pass Extension and end it on the original date of August 3rd 2021. For the official announcement, click here.

Party Pass 2 (Aug 3rd 2021)

Party Pass 3 – Hustle & Glow (Aug 25th 2021)

Party Pass 4 – Grave Rave (Oct 6th 2021)

For written details, read here.

Party Pass 5 – Manila Chill (Dec 1st 2021)

Party Pass 6 – Get Lucky (Jan 26th 2022)

Party Pass 7 – Blankos Brawlers (Mar 31st 2022)

Party Pass 8 – Summer Camp Slam (May 25th 2022)

Party Pass 9 – Snack Attack (Jul 20th 2022)

Party Pass 10 – Mind the Gap (Sep 14th 2022)

Short and sweet, Mind the Gap arrives just before Season 1 and offers a heap of goodies to earn through Daily and Weekly Challenges.

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