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POLAR EXPRESS’ is a free-for-all shooter map now up on Blankos!

The map has a giant train, a castle, a massive snowman, secret caves, hidden grenade launchers and snowflake platforms. Go find the best weapons and collect 100 vibes on your way!

Players: 6-30
Time: 10 minutes

Gameplay Video

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  • The detail on the train is incredible, must have took ages to make. Love the black cloud smokes and the snowman and the snowflakes! 10 minutes felt long with 3 people but if there is more players I’m sure it’ll be more fun. Next time I’ll be sure to look for the hidden cave. Great map!

  • Hey, we played this map this morning, it was fun and others liked it. Even though it was big, it was easy to know where you were so it didn’t feel big. One thing that was mentioned was that the ammo and gun capacity limits were a bit low for a map this size. I’ve uploaded a video of the game. Have a look. Keep up the great work jhcosmic 🙂

    • Nice! thank you very much for the feedback and shame i couldn’t join the party. I really wanted this map to be about exploring and not just pure shooting, which is why I added caves and the vibe collect. It’s a race to get the available ammo and weapons instead of everything just being readily available whenever you need it. Also plenty of hiding spots to get away from someone shooting at you when you are out of ammo. If you get too lost in shooting in this map, it’s easy to forget about the vibe collect. That’s what I felt anyway.

      Thanks also for posting the video, i really enjoyed watching and seeing other people play/comment on the map. The ammo is definitely something i’m reconsidering. The thing is you can set max ammo in the settings but it depends on which weapons you have..even though max ammo is set at 150, some guns only let you hold 75…

      Anyone found the grenade launchers yet? There’s 4 on the map.


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