Professor Meowingtons

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Like his human companion Deadmau5, Professor Meowingtons is used to ruffling fur. His discoveries in napology and theoretical mousing overturned decades of scientifics kit-erature, earning him his PhDs. Where will the purr-suit of knowledge take him next?

Artist: Dan Lish x Deadmau5;
Season: 00, Early Access;
Price at release: $159.99 USD or 16000 Blanko Bucks;
Rarity: 1000;
Sold in store: July 7th at 3PM PDT 2021;

Problems with Web Shop and Mint Numbers during the sale

During the Deadmau5 sale, the server was overloaded which lead some users to see a constant spinning wheel at checkout and unable to make the purchase on the webstore. Mythical Games are aware of the problem and working to ensure this does not happen again.

Additionally, due to Mythical Games supply and payment systems not being properly aligned, there were 3 payments that were processed with a delay and were tokenized on the reserve system and 1003 Professor Meowingtons were minted as opposed to 1000. To address the three additional mints, Mythical games decided to leave them as be as ‘misprints’ and burn three Professor Meowingtons owned by Mythical Employees. Click here to read the official statement. The three mint numbers being burnt are 929, 947, 966 as mentioned by Mythical Games in the official discord. Special thanks to Yeesha from the Community for helping us source this information!

The total minted in-game will show 1000. The marketplace will still show 1003 issued, yet the total supply that exists and is searchable will be 1000.

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