Queen Bouquet – [Vday Challenge]

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Roses are symbolic of love and romance.
Traverse your way through a garden of roses and fly your way to the top.
High above awaits the Majestic Rose; Queen Bouquet.

Players: 2-20
Time Limit: 2:50 (170 seconds)
Difficulty: 4/10

Gameplay Video

3 Responses

  • Hen! I had a ton of fun on this level, you always create such fun levels with an awesome centerpiece to steal the show. The rose garden is incredible, I really liked the sofa that sits and looks out onto the rose garden. The checkpoints are well placed, perfect use of the speed boost in combination with the jetpack it felt just right! Really good placement of vibes so you don’t run out of energy. Flying up the giant rose really made me go wowwwww. Amazing party, keep up the great work Hen! I’ve uploaded a video of the party so you can have a look.

  • I’ve played this map quit a few times and can’t believe I never left you a comment haha! First off those flowers look amazing and the way you have the Lobby placed is just perfect overlooking the bouquet! The checkpoints through the hearts are a great touch and perfect placement of vibes along the way! Very impressive build!


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