Race#1 – Whale Party Center

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This is the second version of the build that won the, 100 $WHALE Party block contest, organized by the Whale community.
An underwater amusement center, that is decorated with the logos of two communities I really love. The Whale community, and E1337 community both very active in the NFT industry you can Google them I don’t know about link sharing on the forum so bear with me.

– 4 to 16 players
– 6 minutes, 30 seconds

Thank you, enjoy and don’t hesitate to leave me feedback.

Gameplay Video

2 Responses

  • This party was a great mix of different obstacles and it felt like you were walking into a theme park. I loved the use of props to make text, the dolphins ?? (whales?!) in lava and the various levels. One point of feedback would be that some areas may be a bit hard for beginners, I found that those jumps where you go from the fence that’s horizontal to the next one was a bit difficult without using the sprinting ability. Also sometimes the fan position was such that you had to be in a very specific spot until you could make it onto the next one. Anyway I had a great time playing it. Good work!

    • Hey really appreciate your feedback!
      Yes I’ve seen that most people struggle at the “max length jump” obstacle, I might shortten it just a little bit 😉
      For the Fans elevators it very tricky hehe all about gettign the twist I will probably make a couple adjustements while at it.

      thanks again I reply again when its done.


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