Skill Trees, Skills & Leveling Up (Superseded)

This information is outdated as of June 2nd, 2021, where the skill and class system was reworked. To learn about the new Classes & Skills, click here. To learn about leveling (GradeUP), click here.

Skill Trees

There are three Skill Trees to choose from in the game: Trickster, Speedster or Bruiser. When you unbox your first Blanko from the Shelf, you will be asked to choose between three skill trees. Based on your skill tree and set skills, your chosen Blankos may be better suited to completing Gigs over others depending on their powers/skills, for instance a Blanko with the Jump-dash ability might be better suited for a party with various platforming, while a speedster might be better on a certain racing party.

Note that once a skill tree is chosen, it cannot be changed.

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N.O.O.B. Skill Tree

When you first start the game, you are given a starter Blanko known as N.O.O.B. (Note that this Blanko was named Loaner in the Private Beta and later renamed). N.O.O.B. has a specific set of skills and is classified in the ‘Trickster’ skill tree however it does have a mix of skills from each of the three skill trees/categories. Watch the video below to see a run through of all the various N.O.O.B. skills.


Speedsters are fast. They use agility skills to boost their Blankos’ speed. These would be good in races or in instances where you are trying to run away from another player. Watch the video below to see a run through of all the various Speedster skills.


Tricksters are skillful Blankos. Mojo skills endow them with unique energy abilities. Watch the video below to see a run through of all the various Trickster skills.


Bruisers are strong, they have arm strength skills to buff your Blanko’s attack and health abilities. Watch the video below to see a run through of all the various Bruiser skills.

Using skills

When you use your in game skills, they use up “Vibes” as seen by the Vibe bar on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Note that to keep using your skills you’ll need to keep them charged up or you’ll have to wait until the vibes charge up by not using them for a small amount of time. You can keep them charged up by collecting “Vibes” – pink outlined white lightning bolts scattered around The Junction and throughout parties and trials.

Each skill type has an allocated button for use.

Note that certain game modes may disable certain advantages from these skills which will create a more even playing field.

Skill points and leveling up

Skill point allocation all takes place in The Shelf. To gain skill points, you need to level up through gaining experience. This can be done by completing partys or trials as well as through completing activities (such as unboxing your first Blanko). Activities can be access through the main menu The Junction. Gigs can be either single player (Trials) or multiplayer (Party) and can be accessed through the Depot in The Junction or via the Party Bus.

As your Blanko levels up it will gain additional skills points which you can use to activate passive or active power ups such as the ability to jump better, dash or run faster (depending on their skill tree selected).

The max level at the current time is Lvl 15. Note that your skills from your skill tree will unlock as you level up your Blanko.

Skill points can be moved around freely to suit your place style within your skill tree.

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