Skyshooter – TDM

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Skyshooter is a level inspired from an old UT capture the flag map called facing worlds. I haven’t played it in years but I guess it exist in my subconscious at this point. It’s a great one to give a Blankos spin on:

  • Team Death Match
  • The fun little tower houses a speed boost to help you get up the hill faster if you dare to cross guns blazing
  • There is a fun jump pad tucked in the bottom that will shoot you up to the roof where you’ll find a grenade launcher to drop on any foes daring to cross the bridge
  • Tower has two secure floors with rail guns, have fun sniping all the blankos running across.
  • Near the center you will find some fun cannons that will shoot you over the crest and right into battle.
  • There is also a cloud(cube) that floats under the pathways for those daring to trade being sitting ducks for snipers to get the jump on the ground troops

Video Walkthrough

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